Social Responsibility

Blue Angels

Our Blue Angels Charitable Trust is a non-profit organisation, through which we aim to reach out and support worthy NGO’s as our special way of caring and giving back to the communities that we serve.

The Trust identifies worthy organisations – like rape and trauma centres that assist crime victims as well as centres that work with previously disadvantaged women and children – and then engages with the organisations to find out their needs and ways it can financially assist to keep their doors open long term.

We have worked closely with many of these organisations over the years and truly appreciate the vital role they play in uplifting the poor and in helping victims and their families to recover after serious and violent crimes.

We couldn’t help but notice that while these organisations offer vital services to help victims deal with trauma through debriefing, psychological and physical rehabilitation, medical treatment, and legal assistance to navigate the criminal justice system, they often struggle financially and have to constantly fundraise to keep their doors open.

We decided to step in and kick-started the trust with its first donation in May 2013. Since then we have been encouraging clients to donate a minimum of R5 a month.

Blue Angels has already made a difference to a number of local NPOs that have benefited from its financial assistance. We believe that community security and efforts that uplift communities go hand in hand with each other. Our social responsibility commitments are another way that we serve our communities.

The Ewings Trust Company administers The Blue Angels Charitable Trust.


Recent Project

67 Minutes for Mandela Day

In 2017 members of the Blue Security team, along with various other generous sponsors and volunteers, spent 67 minutes for Mandela Day helping out at Aladdin’s EDC Centre.

Faced with continuous safety concerns such as vandalism, break-ins and theft in the past, Blue Angels has been sponsoring the aftercare’s security for the past couple years, to help create a safe place for kids to learn in the nurturing and fun environment. It was a privilege to spend some time with them.


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