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Enhance Surveilance Of Your Business

Indoor and outdoor CCTV surveillance cameras enhance the electronic monitoring of entrances, exits, expensive high-end goods and employees. They allow business owners or designated managers to log into a business’s security system and CCTV camera network via an electronic device. For this reason a business owner is able to monitor their business from anywhere in the world.


The Benefit For Business Owners

Business owners can log into the camera’s IP address over the internet. This allows for the virtual surveillance of the premises if the alarm goes off, or to conduct random virtual security checks.

CCTV cameras for business fixed near entrances provide an additional layer of security, acting as a crime deterrent while also enabling staff to verify the identity of visitors without having to undergo a face-to-face encounter that could place the staff and premises at risk.

Significant improvements in communications technology have made remote video surveillance a viable option for security and productivity.

The advantage of remote surveillance is that while CCTV system transmits the video feed to an on-site facility remote surveillance also allows the system to be monitored from an off-site location. This location could be anywhere in the world. However, this requires a suitable communication link between the on-site equipment and the off-site location.

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CCTV and remote surveillance

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