Mission Statement

When we talk about the vision, mission and values of our company, we mean every word we say. These are very important core standards for us at Blue Security – the principles upon which our organisation is founded.

Our vision from the start has been to set the benchmark in the electronic security industry by which all others are measured. It’s not easy to maintain such a superior standard, but we believe it’s important for us to strive to be the best.

It’s also part of our greater mission – a mission that is most definitely client-focused and consists of two priorities:

  1. Ensuring our client’s safety.
  2. Looking after their property.

Our Values

We are always striving to act more decisively, respond more quickly, and resolve any issue more efficiently than we did yesterday, and in every situation we are guided by our core values, which are Care, Ownership, Passion and Service.

By Care we mean that we care about you, our customer, we care about the job we do, and we care about our colleagues.

Ownership means we take responsibility and strive, as a team, to achieve results.

By Passion we mean that we’re enthusiastic and committed to the team, and to the homes, businesses and communities we protect.

And lastly, when we talk about Service, we’re talking about putting the customer first – which is what we’re all about here at Blue.


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