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House alarms form the core of your home security. Depending on the size of your house, the home alarm system can be set up to accommodate between eight and 32 zones to ensure that in the event of a burglary, our control centre will immediately be able to identify the exact rooms and outdoor areas of your home that intruders have breached. Several fixed and remote panic buttons are supplied with the security system, so that in case of an emergency you can discreetly alert us to respond to the scene straightaway.

Home Security Packages:

  1. Blue Standard – 8 zone panel and keypad with 2 PIR detectors, 2 magnetic contacts and 2 fixed panic buttons.
  2. Blue Advanced – 16 zone panel and keypad with 4 PIR detectors, 4 magnetic contacts and 4 fixed panic buttons.
  3. Blue Custom – A system featuring custom elements to suit your specific requirements.

Panic Buttons

Your cellphone can also be used as a panic button with our Blue Security Mobile App, and you can have peace of mind that when you press your panic button we treat the situation as a priority emergency because it tells us that your life may be in imminent danger.

We have found that in many cases clients do not have a need to secure their property, rather they are more concerned with personal security. This is where panic alarms come into play. The primary difference between a panic button and an alarm system is that a panic button does not include detection equipment, rather the alarm is activated manually by the user. There are a number of environments in which a panic button is preferable to an alarm system, which includes residents in flats, secure estates, office blocks, retirement homes, etc.

Panic button options include:

  1. Remote Panic Button
  2. Cellphone Panic Button

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Layered security

The key to effective home security and adequately protecting yourself and your family is to create several layers of security, which will provide an early warning system that will alert you to the presence of any unwanted intruders. Installing an effective, layered security system is like buying time – the quicker you are able to establish the presence of an intruder, before they get the opportunity to smash a window or force open a security gate, the more time you have to alert our control centre to dispatch an armed response officer and get your family to safety.

Layered security is about placing as many barriers between intruders and your family as possible. These barriers may include:

  • Intruder detection alarm system comprising eight to 32 zones
  • Outdoor beams in your garden (passive infrared detectors)
  • Remote panic buttons
  • Cellphone panic button
  • Anti-gate crashing kit
  • Glass-smashing sensors on windows

Our quality security systems are sourced from leading global suppliers and are fitted to deter, detect and detain criminals with our priority of always keeping you and your family safe when at home.

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