Adele Reilly
15 August 2018

BIG thank you to the guys in BLUE!! Excellent response (under 2 minutes) when I called from work and asked for urgent assistance at home where my kids had just arrived from school, only to find a trespasser and thief red handed. My very brave 15 year old son apprehended the man and managed to hold him down until the patrol officer and help from the neighborhood arrived. I knew we made the right choice when we signed up.

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13 August 2018

I would like to thank Claudette who acted so promptly on the evening of the 8th of August 2018.

My vehicle broke down in a secluded area and I was afraid for the lives of my daughter and I. I called Blue security and spoke to Claudette who made sure that a vehicle came to support us in the scary hours. I can’t thank Blue security enough for your speedy services and for making sure that we were safe.

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Heather Partner
11 August 2018

I am in Summerveld. My gate went on the blink last night locking me out. Our Blue guard came to help. Knew my name. Managed to open it. I felt so safe knowing he was alert to me being parked outside for 10 minutes. Please congratulate him.

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27 July 2018

Dear Sirs, my heartfelt thanks and gratitude go out to the team at Blue Security. Firstly I would like to mention that the APP on my phone which I have never used before came in so importantly when I had a break down on the N2 leaving Umhlanga on my way home to Reservoir Hills. I immediately pressed the “panic button” and told the lady that I was in a desperate and frantic in that my car was broken down and needed immediate assistance.

Within 10 minutes, my knight in shining armour by the name of Michael came through and provided the “body guard” assistance until the tow truck arrived. We were in a dangerous situation as firstly the breakdown lane was so narrow and the traffic including heavy trucks were coming down the hill with a speed which enough to take my car off the road, myself and Michael. Despite that he kept me reassuring me and most of all I felt “safe” in that I did not have to trouble others to come to my rescue. He is truly a gem and deserves the highest accolade. He waited until I was safely in the truck and on my way before leaving.

In closing I would like to state that the “app” is a wonderful tool in this day and age and will certainly promote the necessity, in particular to our ladies who will need this service. Once again, a BIG THANK YOU!!!

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Ryan Knuzler
21 July 2018

Dear Madam, dear Sir, please send my message of thanks and gratitude to the highest authorities of Blue Security. I had an excellent Sales Rep Wesley, who gave me Customer Service at its best. My very biggest thanks go to Derrick and Kuben, who installed my very complicated alarm system. There were many issues to attend to and their reply was always: ” yes sir, we will do it “, which made me feel very looked after. They were extremely kind people who always had a smile on their faces. They worked very professionally and always with a can do mentality.

Coming from Switzerland I have brought with me very high expectations and a want for top quality and service. Well,these Gentlemen made me feel that I haven’t left home. My very special thanks to this great team who went the extra miles! Thank you all very very much!

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Rory Murphy
28 June 2018

Very well done at the Standard Bank Top Business Awards for KZN top brands. Looking at the results, Blue Security were up against some serious opposition but did us proud. I will remain a loyal customer, congratulations.

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Lerato Mothibz
8 June 2018

I am new in Durban and I had an incident where I interacted with Armstrong from Blue Security and I also received numerous calls from a the control room to check if all is well. With usual SAPS delays, this Company was there all the way using their resources to step in and assist with such concern and compassion. Absolutely wonderful service and I am truly grateful from the bottom of my heart.

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Jenny Garth Le Roux
4 June 2018

Just want to say a BIG thank you to your control room. Sorry never got the name of the young lady that phoned us. Had a big problem with our electrical board and as a result you were getting a low battery signal. Your control room phoned and I explained the situation. Straight away she put me at ease saying that she would have a patrol car patrol pass our house and set a panic button up on my cellphone. You guys are tops. Thank you so much. Knowing you got us “covered makes us feel safe.

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Matthew Enstrom
31 May 2018

Hi Blue Security. I would like to personally thank all of you at Blue for making me feel safe again. Last week Thursday, exactly a week from now on the 24th of May 2018, I was held at gunpoint here in my house in Wood Road, Pinetown. I was unable to alert anybody as I was being held at gunpoint but I was able to get away fast enough as the attackers were in my home and I shouted and alerted neighbours and they signaled for Blue and the police. Within minutes you guys were here. Unfortunately nobody was caught being there are a lot of bushes around but ever since that day if I ever feel nervous about coming home if its dark. You guys are more than willing to help and send a patrol to search the yard before I enter. And I feel safe again knowing you guys are only a push of a button away. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

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21 May 2018

On Friday I was alerted to the handle of my back door being moved. I ran to my bedroom and then I heard a loud bang on the door. As the bang was so loud, I ran to the bathroom and secured myself thinking someone had entered the house. I pressed my panic button and Blue phoned immediately. The lady I spoke to was amazing. She led me through the process of who was coming to help and tried to calm me down.

Our Blue guys were on the property within minutes and took the time to walk through the inside of the house with me as well. We couldn’t see anything (I assume the person ran away at the sound of the alarm or maybe it wasn’t anyone at all). But they made sure that I was okay before leaving. I have been the victim of a violent home invasion once before in another area and the security company took a long time to arrive. I just want to commend your staff for their prompt and professional manner. I feel much safer knowing they are there to protect us.

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27 April 2018

Just a Thank You to your vehicle patrols for stopping off at my guest house and making sure all is OK…. Two nights ago I had a bakkie full of expensive equipment and on awaking at 2am I saw your vehicle outside…… This again gave me assurance of Blue Security…. please continue with this….. it is peace of mind for my Guests…

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Nicole van der Heyde
20 April 2018

Massive shout out to Blue Security – Durban … Last night after 12 our home alarm went off, within a few seconds they phoned us and I told the lady it’s a false alarm (must have been a ghecko), but my husband was checking and she insisted I stay on the phone … not even a minute later Blue was in my yard, half being mauled by our dog.. my husband went up to tell them everything was fine but the guards were willing to do a property check just to be sure!

Their words were not even cold when another Blue van pulled up (just in case) … the little ghecko caused a lot of drama but the service we received from Blue is nothing but fantastic… if you are not yet with an armed security company, and you can afford to be, you need to be! Nothing better then going to bed at night, activating your alarm and sleep soundly knowing if there is any activity in your home, your alarm will trigger and within minutes ARMED guards will be at your gate. You don’t need to call them when there’s trouble, they call you 😊😊…

Kudos BLUE SECURITY, you do a stellar job.

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20 April 2018

Hi, I would like to thank the Blue team and the following members, Kelvin, Paige and Christian for the excellent service and help during my time of need. Thanking you.

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Elfie Anderson
16 April 2018

Hi, I would like to thank Blue Security staff who assisted me on 1 April 2018. On Saturday 31 March our vehicle was stolen from Durban North College. In the vehicle was our house keys and gate / alarm remotes. On Sunday 1 April we received a call from someone (from Empangeni Police station – Captain Davis) stating that they have found our vehicle and gave us our home address over the phone, which was quite alarming as both police stations in Durban North and Empangeni said that they have not found our vehicle and does not know a Capt. Davis.

I contacted your office and explained our dilemma and within an hour of my call to your offices all my remotes and alarms were changed and you sent a locksmith to change all my locks. I want to thank you for the quick response and making us feel a little bit safer. Especially as it was a long weekend. Thank you to Blue Security and all your staff.

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Kelly Ann Glaister
13 April 2018

I would just like to thank the staff at Blue Security, with the power going out early hours of this morning and it was dark, but within minutes of the power going out we had a Blue Security car right there on our road to make sure we are all safe on Ashley Avenue and I would just like to thank you all for the quick response of just taking the time to send someone when there is a power outage. And I knew once I saw the car and the blue lights we were safe and I went back to bed knowing I could sleep peacefully. Thank you all so much for everything!!

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Kimberley Kemp
12 April 2018

I would like to compliment Vivienne on her superb customer service – we had an emergency at our property over the festive season and we were away on holiday – she organised a guard and the glass of the smashed sliding door on the same day despite being on leave. She has continued to be there through technical problems we have experienced and she is a real gem. Thank you Vivienne!!!

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5 April 2018

Hi, I would just like to pay a compliment where one is due. I arrived onsite of my office on Thursday afternoon at approximately 16:30, to be met by one of your armed response officers
named Clement Mondlama, what a friendly and professional gentleman. Thank you for the amazing service Clement and your other officers give, if they all hold themselves to the level this gentleman does. Thank you.

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Shery-Ann Allers
26 March 2018

I am not a Blue client, but certainly will be in the near future.

I had the need to call 10111 yesterday and a neighbour who is a Blue client called Blue as well just in case saps were slow to respond. Blue arrived immediately! And even though I am not their client Armstrong was more than willing to assist. He arranged for saps to be called again (they arrived 90 minutes after my initial call), and waited with me until saps left. I can’t thank Armstrong enough for his help yesterday. An asset to your company. Thank you Blue and Armstrong. I am forever grateful.

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Sathish Ramdas
25 March 2018

I am extremely pleased that I have changed to Blue Security.

The service I have received is excellent. In praising the courtesy of the staff in the control room and the speedy response and professionalism of the response team, I also want to make special mention of Vynolyn Naidoo. I saw a person at the fence of my property and pressed my panic. The response from Vynolyn was swift and caring and supportive. He thereafter followed up by reassurance and support. He has caring nature which only serves to enhance my praiseworthy opinion of Blue Security.

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Shellee Wilson-Roux
23 March 2018

This is a COMPLIMENT – I was stuck in a park, outside my sisters house in Queensburgh: Dulwich Crescent, off Stella Road, Queensburgh.

My car wouldn’t start, I was panicking (as 4 months ago, I was parked in a park & was hijacked), one of your Blue Security employees drove passed. I waved him down. He stopped immediately. He assisted me and helped me jump start my car, took the time to calm me down (as I was crying, I had gotten myself into a bit of a state, thinking of all the things that could go wrong). And once he saw I was fine and on my way, he let me go. What a kind, caring young gentleman. His name is: Sonwabo Silangwe, and he was working on the B Shift yesterday 22.03.18, at about 4:15pm.

Please let his manager know, he needs praise for the good deed he did.

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Dayne Gillham
14 March 2018

Just wanted to say I’m impressed with the gentleman who came to check on our property since electricity went off and my dogs were inside with my mother who was sleeping since it’s night shift he didn’t see the dogs so came inside to check on us. I was home but it’s refreshing to see good service. Thank you.

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Debbie Turner
6 March 2018

Yesterday afternoon, when we got home from shopping we discovered that our sliding security gate would not open. We phoned Blue Security for assistance, they arrived, jumped over our 6ft boundary wall, went into our house, got keys for the motor of the gate and managed to open the sliding gate for us. We are so thankful. They went beyond their call of duty and we are truly grateful. You are Super Stars.

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Pirya Naidoo
28 February 2018

Thank you Blue Security, for the call out, just a new client, I have peace of mind knowing I will be looked after. Thanks for going out the extra mile. Chatsworth.

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Jean Slatter
21 February 2018

Kennith arrived at our home today to install an outside beam off our patio. Wow, what a pleasant gentleman he is! Not only was he fast and efficient, Kennith was at the quick on any questions I had and explained the whole process to me – now that’s what i call CUSTOMER SERVICE with a smile! A job well done Kennith!

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Jenna Bailey
14 February 2018

Special thanks to Siyanda and his team who did our installation a few weeks back. They worked tirelessly, and worked late (finishing after 8pm) to ensure that the job was done and done well. Such a pleasant group of men to have working in the house too. They went above and beyond to meet our needs and to do so in as short a time as possible, even if it meant working so late.

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Chanel Moodley
9 February 2018

I enjoy reading your articles, especially the history of Durban. It has helped my children with their projects greatly. Well done to the person that put the article together. The intro is a wealth of knowledge to take 3 minutes or less to read, and say Hmmmmm, I did not know that! I enjoy sharing them with my colleagues as well.

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Carol Jones
9 February 2018

Excellent service from Smiley today. Lovely person, professional and knowledgeable when installing our new system. Well Done.

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Stephanie Moongilan
5 February 2018

Hi there, I would like to thank Logan for your assistance today at 12:07 with the emergency that we had. Awesome customer service and quick response… Keep up the excellent job…

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Angela Cockerell
24 January 2018

Thank you to Blue Security, for being so ready and willing to come to the aid of one of my neighbours (not a Blue client) when she was concerned and her security hadn’t arrived yet.

Though we didn’t need Blue in the end, as her security company arrived, just the fact that Blue was ready and willing to assist, no questions asked, showed me that they’re all about helping when help is needed!! Thank you again!

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Jaco de Bruyn
14 January 2018

Hi. Just like to say thanks to the Blue security officer of yours for letting us know of our kids’ bikes that were left outside in Elgie Road this afternoon. We appreciate that. Great service!

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Sonet Reineke
3 January 2018

I really have to commend the Blue Security team in Kloof.

Last night whilst my Husband and I were visiting friends, we got an alert to say the alarm has gone off twice. Upon arriving at home, Musa met us at the gate and escorted us inside and proceeded to assist with unlocking and checking the house. He did a full check and made us feel at ease.

Although it was a false alarm, both Musa and Mike and the Control Centre were great with keeping us calm and ensuring we were safe. Thank you!

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Rosemary and Darryl Hurter
27 December 2017

My husband Darryl and I would like to express our appreciation for the exceptional service from Christopher who patrols the Escombe area (Bowker/Rownham Road).

On Tuesday morning 26th December I was awoken by a phone call from your control center saying that a patrol car had found my husband’s cell phone lying in the road at the corner of Bowker and Main roads. I knew Darryl had left earlier to go to the beachfront in his bakkie to cycle and immediately became rather alarmed by this information. Christopher had pressed the Blue emergency number on the phone and traced it to our address whereupon I was immediately contacted.

Anyway, shortly after this phone call Christopher arrived at my simplex with my husband’s phone. After I contacted Darryl’s riding companions I discovered that he was on his way back home as he realized he had left the phone on his bumper whilst he loaded his bike and forgot it there!!

How simply amazing that your eagle eyed patrol man, Christopher, spotted the phone lying on the side of the road. This afternoon whilst out walking, we again saw Christopher patrolling in his Blue bakkie and Darryl was able to thank him in person. What outstanding service and dedication to duty! We are so glad we chose Blue to look after us over 10 years ago. Thank you so much.

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Taralyn Leigh Cornali
19 December 2017

Do you believe in knights in shining armor? This morning on my way to Gateway I got a flat tyre. Well Patrick from Blue Security is my knight in shiny armor. He assisted me with changing my tyre straight away. He was so pleasant and helpful. Thank you so much Patrick for helping me with changing my tyre in an area I don’t know.

Wonderful service Blue Security.

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4 December 2017

We had a break in in Kloof on Friday morning. The first reaction officer on the scene was Indra. I would like to highly recommend him. He was so helpful. He noticed that the roof tiles had been tampered with and helped us with our investigation.

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Leanne Hancock
25 November 2017

I just want to say a huge thank you to the Blue officers who helped us on Wednesday the 22/11/17. We live in Woodlands Durban area. We are in the process of moving to a new house. We received a call from a neighbour to say she saw 3 men entering into our new house. My husband called Blue Security and left work. Just a few minutes he was home and there where already 2 Blue Security vans waiting and SAPS.

Due to their fast response the caught one of the men. Congrats and thank you. The very next day my husband was outside the house when he noticed the front door had been opened again. The same officer from the day before just happened to be driving past and noticed my husband there and stopped to check all was ok. He went in and did a round of the house for us again. The officers name was Zita that’s all I managed to catch. He didn’t have to stop that next day but he did and he helped us once again.

It’s hard working helpful men like that that puts confidence back into you and makes you want to stay a with Blue Security.. So thank you very much Blue and thank you to Zita.

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Scotty Corlett
23 November 2017

Thank you so much to your team, I couldn’t get into my complex gate and you helped me out. Thank you.

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Diane Broom
6 November 2017

Today I called out Blue Security to McKenzie Road, Morningside due to a break in in my outbuilding. Patric was sent to assist me, and I would like to complement him, such a professional man, extremely helpful. Many thanks Blue Security for employing professional people to do an important job in the first response.

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Viloshini Pillay
31 October 2017

Good afternoon, I want to express our gratitude to 3 fine gentlemen that came to our rescue this afternoon, Andreas Mathios, Nick Evans and Shane Pike. We were so impressed with their compassion and excellent commitment ensuring our family were safe before they left our premises.

I phoned the control room out of desperation, not realising they are also able to offer us assistance other than crime related. My daughter saw a black mamba on our bedroom window sill by the time my husband got outside it slithered into the cracks of the wall and these three men selflessly assisted us by breaking the wall and safely removing the reptile out of our properly. I can’t thank them enough for their kindness, it’s people like these that makes a difference to our community. Well done Guys and thank you Blue Security control room for your recommendation.

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Erica Walker
25 October 2017

Late yesterday afternoon in our complex one of the homeowners was burgaled – after two hours of not being able to get the police I called Blue Security and asked if they could assist us – even though she is not connected to Blue.

I was SO IMPRESSED – two cars arrived within 15 minutes and INDRHA PADYACHEE stayed for over an hour helping with the issue concerned. He was so patient with the home owner who is an older lady and who was very stressed and disturbed as you can imagine. He checked her house – took pictures and gave advice – it was just so comforting to have him there.

So many many thanks for great service – much appreciated.

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Mel Jansen van Vuren
19 October 2017

Good morning. I would like to say thank you very very much to Vusi who came to my rescue today. My car had broken down in front of my property and he helped me jump start and get my car back inside. Vusi waited for me to be back inside safe and sound. His friendliness and assistance is very appreciated. Well done. Love Blue Security. Always to my rescue.

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Caryn-ann Ellwood
11 October 2017

Good day, I would just like to thank Blue Security and the Patrollers that went out in yesterday’s terrible storm and made sure residents were ok. A patroller stopped at our gate and got the attention of my father to ask if he was ok or needed any assistance. It’s service like this that will keep us customers for a long time. Many thanks.

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Sharde Dominique Visagie
5 October 2017

Thank you Blue Security, one of your guys came out tonight to help us get our cat that was stuck on the neighbour’s roof for a few days now, we climbed over gates and on walls and fences, the gentleman told me that he will get the cat and try reach the roof and asked that I please just shine the torch for him to see where he is climbing.

What an amazing man, it’s not his job and he didn’t have to help me at all. Thank you so much! Really truly appreciate all the hard work your team does.

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Briony Hanrahan Bosse
5 October 2017

I want to give a huge shout out to Goodman who assists with the Kloof Memorial Park area for coming to my rescue. What a great gentleman, so concerned and most helpful. Well done Goodman and thank you to Blue for great support in Douglas Road.

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Ella Jones
5 October 2017

I live in New Zealand and recently I got a phone call from someone to tell me my son who lives in Amanzimtoti, have been robbed and mugged, injured and was left highly traumatized. You cannot believe what I went through on the other side of the world, especially not being able to do anything to help.

After many calls and emails, I was none the wiser of my son’s condition and decided to contact Blue Security. They went out of their way to assist me to go and visit my son to determine the state that he is in, not only did Blue Security relate the condition he is in but they are arranging further trauma counselling for him!

You have set a very concerned old lady’s mind at rest, thank you so much for your great work and for your assistance, God bless you all.

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Alisha Vengadesu
4 October 2017

A huge thank you to security consultant Vino Phalakdhari who represented your company soo well!!! Excellent service!!

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Laureen van Rooyen
28 September 2017

Good afternoon, I would like to commend one of your staff by the name of Siyabonga (sorry I did not get his surname). A delivery man was knocked off his bike in South Ridge Rd by Marist Bros School and I arrived just minutes after it happened. Siyabonga was patrolling and turned his vehicle around to assist and took the initiative to start directing traffic as it is quite a dangerous single lane and we could not get the City Police to come and assist. He was gracious and very willing to do something that clearly was not his job and help protect the injured person until the ambulance arrived. He stayed there until all was cleared.

Blue Security are brilliant and I wish I could afford to be protected by men of this calibre! Thank you!

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Cheryl Glass van Q
27 September 2017

Thanks to the Blue team for reminding me again today why I trust you with the security of my daughter and security of my parents (both in their 70’s).

I had a call from my Dad this morning as Mom had fallen, couldn’t walk and was in lots of pain. One call to the control centre and they arranged an ambulance to transport her and dispatched a guard to their house as well. I even received an SMS confirming the ambulance as well as a follow up call from the call centre telling me exactly who was on their way.

Paramedics were amazing and Mom is getting the care she needs. Thank you Blue!!

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Leon Pillay
27 September 2017

This morning my vehicle broke down on Cliff View Road in Bellair which is a remote road. After contacting my insurance company to arrange roadside assistance I realised my safety could also be compromised… My insurance company also committed to dispatching another vehicle to get to me in 20 mins just to ensure I was safe until the tow truck arrived. An hour passed and I was still waiting for either the tow truck or the safety vehicle. Even our company roadside assistance failed to take my call…

I decided to try Blue Security with no hope of them dispatching a vehicle…. I was extremely surprised that a vehicle had been dispatched and arrived in about 15mins… Niresh from Blue was extremely helpful firstly re-assuring me of my safety as well as directing traffic to prevent a collision. Niresh waited and assisted the tow truck drive and only left once I was ready to leave with the tow truck… I applaud Blue Security and Niresh reaching out to my request which was certainly not part of the contract I signed 11 years ago….. You guys delivered world class service today..

Please ensure the people at the control center as well as Niresh receive acknowledgement from the CEO/MD of Blue.

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Michael Forster
27 September 2017

Dear sir, I would like to compliment Mr N.B. Mtshali of the Winston Park area for his prompt arrival after I accidentally let the alarm off today. I compliment the company on the astuteness of their personnel if they are like Mr Mtshali.

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Cheryl Ingram
2 September 2017

Sending a thank you to one of your patrols guys who just rang my doorbell to say our garage door was open in Savell Avenue – Glenashley! We were totally unaware – thanks guys – much appreciated!!

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Patricia Jacoby Randall
2 September 2017

I would just like to say a big thank you to the lady I spoke to on the phone named Ayanda! She was absolutely polite and phoned us back within minutes and went out of her way to help us! Blue Security well done on having such wonderful staff she is such a gem! We are proud to be in a Blue Zone!

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Liesl Margot Krull
25 August 2017

Thank you Blue Security for the informative Community TV channel giving us factual good news info from all communities in Durban. This good news initiative needs to grow bigger and better.

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Arnott Peter
22 August 2017

Great thanks for those who watched and protected or home while we were away in Shelly Beach from the 4th to 18th August. All was fine when we got back and we hope the agents involved can be thanked?

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Chantal B Oschmann
21 August 2017

Thank you security officer Valela Mncedisi B8 who came to our assistance on Tuesday night 15th August 2017 at approx 21.00 – while we were stuck on the M13 – it’s guys like you who make us feel safe – and who go the extra mile – you are a credit to your company – thank you – stay blessed and safe.

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Adéle van Vuuren
17 August 2017

Big thanks for fabulous service last night. At about 22:00 last night I received a phone call from the control room to notify me that whilst patrolling one of your patrollers had reported that my gate was half open.

Thank you so much for bringing it to my attention.

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Mario George
12 August 2017

You guys are amazing!!! I am in Glenwood area and I just had my gate motor battery stolen. Called Blue and showed them what happened… by the way they came in 2 minutes of my call.

I had to leave the gate in manual as I’m in a complex. Blue Security is now parked outside the gate to ensure our safety and should they need to get a call out, the area manager himself is checking on the complex. They have given us advice to lock the gate but even after I locked the gate they are still monitoring to ensure my family and my safety. Tummy and the area manager you are legends. There is no security company that dedicated as Blue.

I will personally recommend Blue to Everyone!!

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Beena & N Singh
12 August 2017

I have just been a client of Blue Security for 5 years and the service thus far has been excellent. The level of service is outstanding.

Thanks to Richard who goes out of the call of duty to make sure we are safe when the alarm goes off. Control room staff provides a service that is truly efficient, who within a couple seconds make contact with us as soon as the alarm goes off. Keep up the good work.

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Sean Hamburg
11 August 2017

The Silverglen community knows the importance of being proactive with regards to their safety. Creating a safe haven for your family requires a change in lifestyle. So much has changed for the bad in the past years but people have not adjusted their lifestyles the same!

Blue together with us has evolved into a crime fighting bulwark to keep criminals at bay. We continuously motivate each other to improve our partnership skills in combatting crime in our homeland and we are WINNING!!! Thanks to Blue, we sleep soooooo much better!!!

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Joel Harris
3 August 2017

Hi Folks. Just wanted to say a massive thank you to you and your reaction units who met me in Botha’s Hill to escort myself and one of my staff. Sincerely appreciate your rapid response and willingness to assist.

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3 August 2017

Hi I would like to thank Blue Security and my neighbour for their help this evening.

My garage door is faulty and sometimes does not close. Blue called because my neighbour noticed the garage was open and notified Blue Security. Thank you so much to Blue Security and my neighbour. MUCH APPRECIATE.

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Dinesh Pillay
2 August 2017

Dear Sir, I would like to commend the BLUE SECURITY team in their quest for combating crime in the greater Phoenix area. Three occasions already have I witnessed a Blue Security vehicle assisting members of the public and successfully apprehending suspects.

In the last incident successfully apprehended a known house breaking suspect on Thursday the 31st of August 2017 in the Grove End area, the manner in which your security officer handled the situation although the public wanted to take the law into their own hands was of utmost professionalism and confidence. Hats off to BLUE SECURITY and the BLUE SECURITY PHOENIX TEAM.

Thank you for all the hard work and drive to eradicate crime in our society, for once it is good to witness a security company up for the task of tackling crime and not for the fame of media attention. Mr Umesh Singh is in charge of our CPF and I will be forwarding him a letter of recommendation for Blue Security.

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Jade McIver
1 August 2017

I just want to thank Blue Security today especially Clint who patrols Grosvenor Crescent in Durban North.

I had an incident when some drunk guy fell into my car and causing a bit of damage from his fall. The security company came to my rescue by sorting out the situation. At the end Clint kindly helped clear off the scuffs to my car and calmed the situation down. Thanks for your professionalism in what you did.

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Shireen Slater
31 July 2017

Many thanks to Blue Security for coming to our rescue tonight.

My daughter gave birth at home. Both my neighbour and I tried to call an ambulance and our calls kept on being cut. She called Blue and within 10 minutes, an ambulance was at our home.

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Bithia Trenam
27 July 2017

Well done Sifiso!! It’s incredible how you’ve gone beyond your call of duty. A big well done to Blue Security in general as they consistently go out of their way and are friendly and eager to assist with anything. I’ve personally had 3 great experiences with them.

1. I was locked out my house late on a public holiday and couldn’t find an emergency locksmith.. I phoned Blue and they checked their database as well as phoned around for me because my battery was dying and airtime was almost finished. 2. My mom’s car was stolen and they sent an urgent broadcast to all vehicles and members to keep an eye out. 3. Our Husky got out and they also broadcasted that having the team keep an eye out for him.

On all 3 occasions they did not need to help but they went even further beyond the extra mile and kept giving courtesy calls to check if I was sorted!! Absolutely incredible!! I always know I can count on them! It goes to show that this family of Blue members are under great guidance and with excellent raining and morals.

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Merle Noppe
22 July 2017

I would like to thank Blue Security, especially Riaan on the Bluff for quick service in Highbury Road today. He came in, took over, calmed everything down, kept us safe while gates and doors were open. Thank you so much.

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Eria Grove
11 July 2017

Good afternoon all. I usually don’t do this but I was so nicely surprised by the excellent service of Blue Security Amanzimtoti.

Especially from the security consultant Ronel Gander that came to see us. What an awesome and caring person. And then she shared the price. Wow!!! I am now even going further to share her business card. Please if you consider security phone Ronel. She is so so awesome. Well done Blue!!! Well done Ronel Gander!!!

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Jacquie Wheeler
8 July 2017

Post copied from Gatvol Bluff – Originally posted by Mark Wheeler.

I would like to say a big thank you to Vincent from Blue Security for helping me derail and close an electric gate after getting 3 Pitbulls back on their property and safe. The gates were left open with nobody home. Your help is greatly appreciated. Well done Vincent.

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Irene Mulder
7 July 2017

Thank you Blue Security for your quick response to my panic alert, as well as your assistance and organising the ambulance. Very thankful.

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Julian Joshua Pillay
5 July 2017

Three weeks back I suffered with bad chest pains. I spoke to a controller by the name of Mohammed Cassim that I need help from medical services and Mohammed was fast in getting medical services to me.

While waiting for the medical services a Blue Security response officer was on site and the way he handled the situation it was amazing. He calmed me down, helping me get rid of some pain and waited with me until the Netcare got to me. Just want to say thanks for all the help and the great work.

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Sandy Narraway
2 July 2017

Thank you armed officer Innocent helped me when I had a flat tyre. Just a panic button away.

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Gary van der Merwe
25 June 2017

We had another incident last night with intruders in the yard and neighbours’ yards. Just want to commend the brilliant service by Blue Security.

Once we hit the panic button Blue responded within three minutes, three armed response vehicles were sent to the scene. The neighbour’s called the South African Police force, we are still waiting for them to show up. WELL DONE BLUE SECURITY!!!

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Andrew Sibisi
18 June 2017

Just woke up to find a would-be burglar breaking in through the window. Blue Security reacted within minutes and the guy was in handcuffs! Kudos to the Blue Security team on the Bluff.

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Feroza Sayed Ismail
18 June 2017

Thank you for a great job done in the Phoenix area… Your team goes an extra mile.

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Heather Lombard
3 June 2017

A huge shout out to Blue Security. There was a horrible fight outside my complex last night and they managed the situation with confidence and such professionalism… Doing what the police should be doing.

Well done to the 2 reaction guys who were on the scene and assisted the 2 young guys that were going to kill one another. I have new found respect for what you guys are dealing with on a daily basis.

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Karen Mostert
31 May 2017

Hi Blue, I would like to compliment you on the great service I got today. We had an appointment today at 9 am to install Blue at my home in Waterfall. There was miss communication with my husband and I, and I could not make it. Blue phoned me again to let me know the tech Vikosh was still waiting more than an hour at my house. I left everything and was on my way thinking what I am going to tell this technician as I did not know where to start apologising. I met him while on his way to another appointment and had to stop him. He followed me home and proceeds with the installation. When we go to my house I started to apologise and he just said: “no worries” with a big smile. The entire time that he was there, he did not complain nor gave me any attitude. He gave me tips and guides about the system. In fact he was the most bubbly, friendly man and he even made me laugh. He is just down plain awesome. I would like to thank Blue for having such a great man on your team that always put his customer’s safety first. I am glad I chose you and I look forward to have you as my house and family’s bodyguard. Great, great, great service.

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Annemarie and Rita
30 May 2017

Thank you for your kind assistance during our very first Car Boot Market on Saturday.

We had very positive feedback on the safety of the venue and your Blue Security Officers should take full credit for that. The visibility of Blue Security definitely made everyone feel a lot more relaxed and safe and a couple of people remarked on that. Please receive our sincere appreciation for your willingness to keep our community, and more specifically our Browns’ School community safe.

We managed to raise some much needed funds for The Browns’ School and are hoping to do another market during Term 3.

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Marianne De La Fontaine
23 May 2017

We were so impressed with the excellent commitment to protecting your clients.

We received a call that a man was loitering outside our gate this week, and had been seen by one of the response personnel. Although it turned out to be one of my relatives that had arrived we want to thank you for your attention to detail and care! It is such a stress reliever.

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Terri Wentzel
23 May 2017

Dear Blue security. The staff, board members and babies at The Baby House Westville would like to extend our sincerest thanks & gratitude to for the incredible donation of and installation of an alarm system.

Our dealings with Blue Security have been absolutely heart-warming – from the first phone call from Gregory Naidoo graciously offering us a free alarm system for our safe house, to the meetings and interactions with Brooke Versfeld who was punctual, professional and caring in all her dealing with us – to the installation/technical team who arrived on the specified day at the specified time and cheerfully worked around 7 babies while installing the system. We have been absolutely awed by the level of generosity and caring we have received from everyone involved and we are very proud to be associated with such a wonderful security company. Again, thank you from all the house mothers and babies and board members of The Baby House Westville.

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Candice Sha Chetty
22 May 2017

Blue Security are always there for me. On Saturday had Blue not arrived my vehicles would have been stolen and my hubby and I would have probably been shot. Innocent and Nathan made sure they where with us till the very end. I felt safe when I saw the Blue van. You never fail me Blue. Thumbs up and thank you.

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Beryl Ann Laing
18 May 2017

Our Blue Security guys even had to deal with cattle on our rural suburb’s roads! Versatility is the name of the game. Always feel safe with them around. Polite, professional and always prompt with a call out. Thank you Blue.

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10 May 2017

@bluesecuritydbn Excellent service from Iselda in accounts (Ptn office). Restoring faith in your admin support. Please ensure line manager is informed.

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Rebecca Reddy
8 May 2017

Good day, I know this is a late message but I do feel that the person who assisted me on the 5th of April should be commended on his customer service.

I was alone at home as I was pregnant and not well. I was having a nap and was awoken in shock by a loud noise. I woke up dazed and didn’t realise that I had armed the house and walked into the passage which has a sensor which triggered the alarm. I got a call immediately from a Blue Security agent (5th April @ 10:29am). His name was either Kyle or Lyle (sorry I cannot remember clearly). He asked if I was fine and assured me that a vehicle had already been dispatched and was on its way to me and would be by me in 5 min. The call ended and I waited for the dispatched vehicle in a visible area. The agent called again at 10:33am (4min later) to check if I was still fine and asked if he should stay on the line with me until the dispatched vehicle came. I assured him that I was in a visible area and the Dispatched agent would be able to see me when he arrives and that I was fine so he didn’t need to stay on the line. The call ended and the dispatched vehicle arrived.

Unfortunately, I cannot remember the agent who came to check the premises but I would like to recognise the customer service I received from both the calling and responding agent. WELL DONE!!!!! And keep up the good work. It’s service like this that makes us the customer feel safe and secure.

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Sarojini Ephraim
6 May 2017

I would like to compliment your armed response officer, Siabonga in the Bulwer/Glenwood Durban area. He’s always so helpful and goes above and beyond the call of duty.

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Amanda Brauns
3 May 2017

Good day, I’d love to take this opportunity to thank Corne Broodryk (Community Liaison) from the Pinetown Branch for adding value to the lives of a group of children in the community of Mariannridge. We had a Children’s Church outreach program on the 23rd of April and requested Captain Blue’s services and to our amazement the response was so quick. He came out on a Sunday and connected easily with the kids and flowed smoothly into our program. This is an amazing and valuable initiative by Blue Security. Who better to develop the little lives?

Well done Corne Broodryk and Blue Security. Please don’t grow weary in doing good Blue Security.

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Tarryn Kelly Dumbleton
2 May 2017

Hi there, I would like to give a huge thank you to a gentlemen by the name of Paul who assisted me in Escombe, Queensburgh on Saturday evening out of his own free will when I had an issue with my vehicle. If it weren’t for him I would have been stuck for hours possibly waiting for help. He has restored my faith in good citizenship. You have a good man on your team!

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Sokhalingam Dennis Pillay
30 April 2017

Just noticed your control room on our Safety and Security Chat headed by Babs is doing an excellent job working with the WhatsApp group. The dedication and service far exceeds our expectations even better than SAPS.

In my area Ward 23 viz. Clare Estate/Reservoir Hill you guys have a dedicated vehicle. I am hoping your control room staff and patrol members can join on our ward 23 WhatsApp group and get the necessary exposure for the work they do whilst being supported and gaining support amongst the wards residents.

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Jonathan Bird
26 April 2017

Recently our electric gate has been giving us some trouble, whereby one of the gates sometimes does not close all the way from time to time, and we typically have to push the gate button again to get it to close fully. Sometimes we forget to do this however.

Anyhow, for the second time now a Blue Security operative has pulled into our driveway to inform of us of the open gate. Wonderful stuff. What’s really telling about this service however is that our gate is not clearly visible from the road, and would have required your operative to be paying real attention to the property as he does his rounds, which surely covers hundreds of houses. Truly outstanding stuff from your team.

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23 April 2017

A special thank you goes to Shumbuzo Xàba, Blue’s reaction officer for responding to a panic within 2 minutes and effecting a successful arrest of 2 guys and also recovering my stolen goods.

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Brenda Holte-Smith
21 April 2017

Nhlanhla Mdimande from Blue Security – Durban is definitely a hero. He was so quick in responding and contacting his control room to send the Fire Department and Emergency services when he arrived within minutes at my daughter’s house after the alarm went off and when the fire broke out on Sunday in Durban North.

Had these services not arrived as quick as they did the house itself would have burnt down as it had already spread from the garage to the back of the home. Caravan, car and garage contents completely gutted plus damage to adjoining property.

Well done Nhlanhla, fire department and all the many people that came and gave their support and help. Family so very grateful.

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21 April 2017

My early detection security beam went berserk at 03:42am this morning. As a member of CCPO, I contacted the emergency number and was greeted by Joel, who immediately despatched a reaction unit to my residence.

Upon arrival, I was contacted regarding his attendance and granted access to the polite officer and I joined him for a search. Nothing discovered out of the ordinary and I was assured that he would keep an eye and do a sweep by later. Shortly afterwards, Joel contacted me and gave me an update and also assured me of further check ins. I was highly impressed by this level of excellent service. Safe in the arms of CCPO and Blue Security. Well done!!

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Videsh Bojraj
20 April 2017

I just wanted to inform you of the excellent service received from 2 of your staff members this evening. I called your call center requesting assistance and within minutes Paulus (armed response) was on scene followed by Pravin Rajcoomar (Supervisor). They handled the situation very well and I believe that these men must be commended. Well done guys! Keep up the excellent work.

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Elize Koster
9 April 2017

Had my alarm installed last week. What great service from a great technical team. Thank you Brendon and Virgil. You did a great job. From the first call from Alain up to installation and activation. Great service.

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Devan Naicker
7 April 2017

Dear Blue Security, I wish to place on record my sincere gratitude towards Blue Security for helping us ‘Feel safe again’ in the early hours of last Saturday morning ( 01/04/2017).

We were awoken to a massive fire in the open bush that is adjacent to our property at approximately 00:15 on Saturday morning. The fire was quickly spreading towards our outbuilding and was already causing damage to our electric fence. I pressed the panic button and was immediately called by the Blue control room. I advised the operator that there was a fire and the operator assisted by calling the fire department. I was quiet happy at the service that we received by Blue up to this point but that was only the beginning…. In less than five (5) minutes there was a response vehicle (NPN 95428) that arrived at my premises. The two officers were Ricky and Kwazi. These two officers unbelievably managed to contain the flames and prevent further damage to our property and possibly injury to my family. They doused the threatening flames with just our garden hose before the fire department could even arrive on the scene.

They put themselves in harms way (Both officers were visibly affected by smoke inhalation after the ordeal), just to ensure our safety, and for that I am eternally grateful. The area manager from Blue was also on the scene in a matter of minutes. Thank you Blue Security, Ricky and Kwazi! Keep up the good work!!!

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Ashee Haripershad
4 April 2017

Compliments goes out to your excellent control room staff BELINDA and your excellent Patrol vehicles and drivers. On the Ball as I explained that I had a Pre Wedding Function at my home, and without a delay they were patrolling. WELL DONE GUYS!!!! U GUYS WILL ALWAYS BE RECOMMENDED.

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Felicity Schroder Roets
28 March 2017

Reliable company with great service. Thanks for fulfilling our expectations once again. An additional alarm system has been installed in a cottage on our property, very professional service.

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Karen Leggott
28 March 2017

Blue Security – Assagay, I have lived in this area for 3 months and perhaps “its a new bloom sweeps clean” but they have been fantastic. Unbeknown to me there was a fault whereby a power outage would trigger my alarm. Like clockwork within minutes Mr Blue would sweep down my driveway, always pleasant and concerned for my safety. Majority of the time it was the same Mr Blue and we worked out the coincidents, within 2 days, Donovan, Mr Blue’s Tech guy fixed it, now I miss my regular visits.

I unfortunately had this incident where a petty thief stole the globe out of my gate lamp, my ever efficient gardener caught the guy in the act, made him put the globe back and would not allow him to leave, I called Mr Blue, who was here within minutes. What impressed me the most was after dealing with the thief, then leaving him with the SAPS, he approached me asking if I was alright and then relayed, in a very intelligent and professional manner all that he had learnt, as well as informing me that he knew this man to be a petty criminal. He further warned me that the man was not in the least interested in my globe, but rather the view point he had to scope out my home.

When I read some of the complaints, I’m just glad we have the A-Team working in our area.

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Troy Raats
28 March 2017

Good day everyone. I have a great story to tell you about Blue Security and their armed response officers.

Yesterday my girlfriend had her car overheat and had to stop on the side of the road in peak morning traffic in Northdene, Queensburgh, Durban all by herself. A passing response vehicle turned around and assisted her. Officer Paul Ndlovu offered up his own drinking water to cool down the vehicle. When I got there he was still present making sure she was safe. I thanked him, leaving the vehicle behind, taking her to work. A few hours later I returned to fix and remove our vehicle, he then also returned checking the vehicle was safe and me as well. Mmany thanks to Officer Ndlovu and Blue security.

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Kim Tyne
28 March 2017

I would just like to extend my very heartfelt gratitude to Sizwe E11. My son had a freak MVA, his tracker obviously sent off an alert and I was contacted at 03:30 in the morning. Unable to contact my son, Sizwe was there to assist my son and ensure that he had full communication with me on the phone. He helped my son change his tyre and made sure that he was safe throughout this ordeal and then safely back on the road.

To my surprise, he called me tonight to see if my son was ok and had made it safely home. Thank Sizwe!!!!, you’re the example of what gives us hope in our fellow man, keeps us safe in our community and an asset to Blue Security. May God Bless you abundantly thank you.

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Kassy Harripersadh
26 March 2017

Blue Security is THE BEST COMPANY I have ever dealt with. The armed response guys that service the Malvern, Queensburgh area are excellent.. They are warm, polite, friendly and post importantly professional.

Over the past 16 years Blue has never disappointed me once. From the admin staff to the switchboard operators they are on top of their game. THANK YOU BLUE.

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Sai Shona
22 March 2017

Good day I would like to commend Blue Security.

We have been with many other security companies and none like Blue. The response time is immaculate. Today there were 2 guys sitting outside my gate and I called the control room they responded in no time.

I’m in Umhlatuzana and the armed guards are excellent. Even if by accident the panic button goes off although control room calls the guard is here in 30 seconds flat regardless whether it was by accident. I have no regrets.

Also I see regular patrolling, which I appreciate as I have a 4 month old baby and being at work i Have piece of mind knowing if something goes wrong Blue will be there.

Thank you!!! And to the armed guard keep up the excellent work you’re one in a million.

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Lenny Pillay
22 March 2017

Hi there I just want to commend the guys in your control room for their good customer service and assistance.

When my alarm activates even though sometimes it’s a false alarm they are ever so helpful and on the ball. Keep up the good work guys your work is deeply appreciated.

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Celokuhle Cele
18 March 2017

Hi, I like to thank Mr Welcome Mchunu works in Waterfal for Blue Security, for his excellent job he has done for helping me when I had a problem in the area he works. His response was up to 5 stats of evidence. Thank you.

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Sanjay Singh
13 March 2017

I live in a complex and today a thief broke in next door.

Blue Security responded quickly and the officer with no hesitation entered the thick forest like area where the guy ran into. I looked next door and saw that the robber was caught and sitting in the van with the guards and residents there. Well done.

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Alison Lauderdale Lendon
11 March 2017

Thumbs up to Fortune Khoza of Blue Security.

I was broken into in Summerveld on Friday morning which Fortune was dispatched to attend. He was professional, understanding, kind and patient and made sure all was sorted before he left. #thumbsuptoblue

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David Louw
10 March 2017

Super service. Contacted Blue Security as a group guys in a vehicle drinking and making a noise, Blue arrived within minutes. The security person spoke to them and they left immediately and have not returned.

Super service and the control room called back to follow up. Keep up the super service.

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Carol Bouguenon
8 March 2017

Had Craig come to my house to quote. He was fantastic and I was very impressed. You are lucky to have such a great person working for you. Yay

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6 March 2017

Good Morning, I would like to compliment your staff on the highest level in being polite and helpful. As I had a problem with my gate yesterday in Kloof and without any hesitation a gentlemen who was attending to an activation in Umvemve Road round 14:30 yesterday stopped to help me.

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Carolina van Ballegooyen
3 March 2017

Yesterday afternoon in Stapleton Road Pinetown there was a lady who was obviously in a distressed state. A phone call later to Blue and response officers were dispatched to the scene. Thank you to the two officers, who stayed with the lady whilst her family were on route to fetch her. Thank you & Well done!!!!

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Marianne De La Fontaine
23 February 2017

We installed your system because we are harassed trespasses and persons been destructive on our property and issuing verbal threats. In this month we have experienced a peak in this behaviour and your armed response has gone above the call of duty to make my Mom and I feel secure. This is greatly appreciated!!

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Ronel Minnaar Oostendorp
17 February 2017

Blue Security is ‘n baie goeie maatskappy, beveel hulle aan. Is nie net vinnig en oplettend nie, maar ook baie vriendelik. Ons kan met trots hulle aanbeveel. Mag julle met trots aan almal diens lewer, soos julle nou doen.

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Tamarin Micholson
10 February 2017

Last night our home was unfortunately broken into but I just need to applaud and praise COP and Blue Security.

After I sent the message on the COP Whatsapp group I was answered almost immediately and a kind gentleman from Blue was at my gate within 5 min. COP were also patrolling and searching within 5 min. The gentleman from Blue stayed with me and my daughter in law until the area was searched and given the all clear. Well done COP and Blue for your outstanding work.

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Teresa Fernandes
9 February 2017

Last night, we had an attempted break-in, by perp/s cutting our electric fence, fortunately for us Blue Security were on our premises within minutes. Response Officer Protus, first priority in entering our premises insisted we stayed inside until he determined that it was safe. We wish to sincerely thank Blue Security, Protus and their team for their quick response and ensuring our safety, and putting theirs on the line. THANK YOU.

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Samantha Day
4 February 2017

Just stepped outside and saw a Blue Security Officer helping a Yellowwood Park resident push start his car!! Good job Blue. #morethanjustsecurity #Bluesecurity

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Karen Buxton
3 February 2017

A lovely successful evening last night despite the rain (which those of us not under the gazebos actually enjoyed after the heat) thank you to Waterfall 1, Waterfall , Waterfall 3, Forest Hills 1, Forest hills 2 and Crestholme for coming to our get together. Let’s show the criminals that we stand together and support each other.

Above all thank you to BLUE SECURITY for sponsoring our event. As always you guys are amazing and we are so proud to be a part of your Blue project. Our BLUE team are the BEST! We had approx 100 of the new leaders throughout the evening. Fantastic networking and community spirit.

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Allison Tracy Doyle Walker
1 February 2017

Being 2 dependent and alone in the granny flat on a rather large property, I became concerned, when one of our three dogs, kept scratching on my door just now. That is something he only does, when there’s a storm brewing. As it was uncharacteristic behaviour, I was sure that he was trying to warn me.

I got hold of the property owners and they contacted Blue. Within minutes, an armed Officer was here. He spent ages, going around the property, checking each and every window and door. Thank goodness, all was secure. Thank you Nkosi, your prompt reaction and happy smile, was much appreciated! Bless you.

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Tracy Tilbury
26 January 2017

WOW excellent service from the Blue Security Team.

I am not a member yet and I had an intruder on my property in Durban North. Blue’s sign was on my neighbour’s house so I called and they sent someone over straight away! Then they did a follow up call. Well done above and beyond service.

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Siven Govender
23 January 2017

Thanks to the boys in Blue, we had intruders at our property at 4am this morning, criminals ran out as we pressed our panic alarm and Blue Security responded in minutes.

Special thanks to Blue Security guards Aubrey Vumani Cwele and Ismael Kheoana who recovered our stolen goods that were left in nearby bushes. Well Done Blue Security keep up the great works guys!!!

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Vimla Reddy
18 January 2017

Blue Security is one amazing group of dedicated individuals. Durban South area… your team are amazing. I would like to thank the team that was on duty on Wed 11 January when my husband went into cardiac arrest and I called them as this number is all that popped into my head… their assistance on the line and telling me what to do was incredible.

Thank you Rufus and team… my undying appreciation for the care and continued calls to check up on us and my husband’s condition and to the guard who stayed behind at my house to make sure my daughter was ok as I had put my husband in the car and together with my son we raced to Kingsway Hospital… A BIG THUMBS UP FROM THE REDDY’S.

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Bianca Pillay
11 January 2017

I would just like to commend Blue Security on outstanding service I received from you guys today.

I live on the Bluff and have Blue as my security. My dad was involved in a MVC today by Penzance school. I called Blue to ask if they had a vehicle in that area and if they could please send the vehicle to my dad while I head there from Bluff. No problem, they did it, they called it get vehicle details to ensure they found my dad they stopped to see if he was OK, police was already in attendance so they left. But not without calling to inform me. Later they still called to see how my dad was. Blue you really went over and above today. I’m greatly appreciative. Thank you to the awesome staff you have.

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Iggy Smoog
10 January 2017

Thank you to the 2 Blue Security cars who assisted me in an attempted burglary at my home this morning. 1 car arrived before I had completed the call with the contact centre.

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Annatjie van der Merwe
7 January 2017

Thank you for your quick response when our alarm went off this morning just after 1 o clock. Thanks for keeping me calm and staying on the line while your vehicle was on its way. Well done less than 5 min and for making sure we are ok. Blue is best that is why after 6 years we still put our safety and alarm in your hands.

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Guylaine Lagesse
31 December 2016

Very impressed with Blue Security. I was loading the Blue Security Panic App & tested the Panic Button. In less than a minute Blue Security had phoned me to see how they could assist me. Everyone, you must seriously consider getting this app. They will assist you for medical, if your car breaks down they will stay will you until you get help with your car, most emergencies.

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Marie-Claire Duncan
25 December 2016

Amazing quick response from Blue Security Armed Response tonight, in the early hours of Christmas Day when we had an intruder in our yard.

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Damon Beard
12 December 2016

To the entire Blue Security team. I just wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for everything you do for me. There’s not a day that goes by where I don’t take the time to appreciate having you in my life.

While I sleep at night, your team are patrolling. When my alarm activates, within seconds your team are calling me … and a minute later they’re at my gate checking my family and I are safe. When I arm my property, it’s just a red light to some, but to me it’s the assurance you’ve got my back. From the camera’s in my home, to your new mobile app and my front gate that triggers the alarm if someone tries to open it… you guys have me covered and there’s no better feeling in the world than knowing I’m safe – and there’s a dedicated team just a call away. I have no words to thank you for all you do for me. Please just know I appreciate you all immensely. Happy holidays to you all, keep safe and thank you again.

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Shaun Platford
7 December 2016

Hello legends. Just a shout out to the BLUE team – the entire team , for your dedicated and continued commitment in the Glenashley area.

Such a pleasure to see your dedicated vehicle and response members every day patrolling and providing warm smiles to all of us. Your active control centre manning all our alarms and taking the time to be as friendly as possible behind a digital wall, never knowing when that one call is going to get serious. Please pass on thanks to all the ladies and gents that are watching around the clock – be safe. Good job guys. Keep it up.

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Georgie Stewart – Lawns
3 December 2016

So impressed with my installation on Friday. The guys did a lovely neat job with the wiring and cleaned everything before they left. Very professional!! Thanks so much to Shaun and his team.

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Jennie Mallitte
3 December 2016

Once again I am so grateful that I have an alarm with Blue. I had an attempted break-in tonight so I activated my silent alarm. Your control room phoned within seconds and stayed on the line with me until my trusty Wonder Boy arrived in about two minutes. It would have been a very different outcome if I didn’t have you, because they were seconds away from getting through my door and I would have been confronted in my home. Your Summerveld team is amazing, thank you!

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Sathiesh Govender
29 November 2016

I would like to take this opportunity of thanking all the Blue Security staff for their tireless service in ensuring my family’s safety.

Due to the weather anomalies, Telkom residential poor service in our area, Blue Security still managed to service me with a smile. Granted, all clients are very “paranoid” when it comes to security but Blue Security managed to alleviate our stress and always with a smile. Special THANK YOU to the backroom staff (Control room, Contracts/Sales, Response units)!! Please keep striving to ensure our safety!!!!!!!! A humbled and grateful customer!

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Karen Buxton
24 November 2016

First of all a huge thank you to Jodie for prompt and efficient handling of all my complaints and queries. I contacted Jodie just to let her know that we had an incident at our house where we found a burglar guard had been forced – I didn’t expect any follow up as I was just letting her know that I did tell our Alpha 7 guard Welcome.

That same evening I was out at a school concert and I received a phone call from Blue (Natasha) to find out if there was anything they could do – I mentioned that all was fine and that I wasn’t home and hadn’t had the burglar guard fixed but would do so when we got home. The manager Natasha asked me what time I was expected home and I told her about 8:30pm – she then organized for our vehicle to stand off and wait for us to come home and do a property check before we entered – Excellent service

Then I received a phone call the very next day from Blue checking once again if everything was fine and could they assist us with anything including upgrading our alarm or adding on to our existing alarm. Once again – excellent service. It has given me something to think about and I will definitely contact Blue as we probably should add on to our existing alarm, Remington, Welcome and Michael our Alpha 7 guards truly make me feel safe and go the extra mile to assist our neighbourhood watch. We are very privileged to have such dedicated and amazing guards working in our Blue project. Thank you to Blue for taking the time and for caring enough to do all this!

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Mrs J Gappoo
17 November 2016

Our family wishes to thank Niresh, for his kindness and the assistance he rendered to our 91 year old dad, who had a punctured tyre while driving along Edwin Swales on 27.10.2016.

Whilst many motorists would just drive past, he made it his duty to stop and assist dad, he changed his tyre and made sure dad got us to call him back and inform Niresh that dad was safe at his destination. We are grateful for his assistance, my you and your family always be blessed. An asset to The Blue Security Team.

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Nicky Webb
11 November 2016

Blue Security – you are simply the best – thank you guys – brilliant and as for the security team – your company can be so proud of you – wow.

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Michelle Sander
11 November 2016

Just want to thank Blue Security, CCPO and the SAP, and their K9 Unit for their prompt response to our burglary this morning! These guys are great!!! Not sure how to tag them! Thanks guys! We appreciate that you look after us!

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Nolwazi KaNhlumayo Kubone
10 November 2016

I would like to thank Blue Security for the help they gave me while I was sick and helpless in the house. Thank you so much. You are the best.

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Tania Cole Teto Shingler
2 November 2016

I would personally like to thank Blue Security for their help today when my son and I were in danger. A special thank you to Brian.

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Trimaine Mensah
27 October 2016

Good day, I would like to take this opportunity to say a huge Thank you to Nkosini and Louie.

My car broke down on Tuesday (25 October) evening in the Yellowwood Park area around 7pm, I was travelling with my 3 year old girl and as a woman you can imagine how terrified I was to have broken down with no idea what to do. Nkosini stopped to offer assistance and Louie showed up shortly after.

Eventually I was able to get my car started but they did more than they should have, they made sure I got home safely by escorting me home. I live in the Woodlands area, I din’t have my own house but will definitely use Blue Security services in the future. Thanks guy.

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Lee-Anne Cloke
24 October 2016

A HUGE thank you and appreciation to the Blue Security guy who was parked near O’Reilly Crescent, Northdene this afternoon. This guy went out of his way in helping a friend of mine, Jackie Salter, catch our dog after she got out of the yard. Wish their were more patrollers like him. Unfortunately we did not get his name.

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Gitte Diesbergen
18 October 2016

Blue, once again you have made me feel safe.

Friends came to stay and accidentally bumped my alarm plug (unbeknown to me) which indicated “trouble” on my keypad. On phoning you this evening to query, you picked up that there was a fault with the battery and immediately assured me a technician would be out first thing in the morning. When I called back 5 mins later to advise I had actually worked out the problem, not only did you talk me through what to do, but your mobile team were at my front door within minutes (after the reactivation set off the alarm) making sure I was safe.

Your team both on the phone and on the road were polite, patient and terribly kind as always. Well Done. The main reason reason I have been with Blue from day dot, and am still with Blue: Service. Kudos.

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Maryann Barber
12 October 2016

Accidentally locked my partner out of the house today and took the keys. While waiting for me to get back he had to sit an hour in the driveway outside the gate. During this time a Blue Security vehicle stopped and asked him, not once but twice, why he was watching our house. Thank you Blue for being so vigilant and questioning his presence there and following up again later. Great feeling.

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Janine Gardiner
9 October 2016

From the Gardiner family in Glenmore, we want to give a very big thank you to Eddie who helped us search for our two beloved dogs, Bagheera and Luna. He was very supportive, and we thank him so much for his efforts.

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Jane Linley-Thomas
20 September 2016

Dear @bluesecuritydbn thank you for swift efficiency and pro workmanship in getting our security system firing on all fronts. #boysinblue

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Shaun Hildebrandt
16 September 2016

Good day, I must commend your company for always going the extra mile whenever our alarm is activated. Your patrol units are always 1-2 minutes away, even for a false alarm.

The reason I decided to physically compliment, though, was as a result of one of your patrol guards (Wiseman) going the extra mile to notify me that my front gate was open late in the evening on the 15/09/2016. Whether that was our mistake by pushing the remote button unintentionally or because the gate was forced open, I am not sure. We have had a vehicle stolen before so I am so grateful that Wiseman took the time and initiative to notify us. Thank you Wiseman, very much appreciated. You are the epitome of what South African etiquette should be when it comes to community safety!

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Remo Bill Fleming
14 September 2016

Because you guys exist my daughter was spared by God with your help… I love you guys and everything you do for the community’s. Maaaaaaaaad respect!!!!!

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DJ Rhipkin
12 September 2016

@bluesecuritydbn Give Alpha7 a pat on the back, those guys rock! Good job in Crestholme this morning. 😉

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Janique Benetti
11 September 2016

I would just like to say a very very big thank you to Blue Security!!! You guys are amazing!!!

Last night our alarm went off and in no time Blue phoned to check if all was okay. We reported that there maybe a problem as it is the third time our alarm went off this week. After speaking to your guy at control we discovered what the problem was. A guy phoned this morning asking us if we want someone to come see what the problem was and just following up on the call logged last night!

Blue Security you really go out your way to ensure the people you protect are safe. Thank you very much.

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Paul Preston
10 September 2016

Peter Anderson, this morning I got lost in Gillitts. Couldn’t work it out on the GPS. I was there at about 7h30. I asked Joshua the Blue Security area manager who was parked off at a petrol station for help. And help me he did.

I followed him through the rain for about 10 kays through a maize of roads until he left me where I needed to be. I then tried to give him R30 to get coffee and to thank him. I put in his car, I put it in his pocket but he refused to take it. He helped me so much and he was so professional. Reminds me of your high quality spin bowling at Kingsmead 10. Sincere thanks.

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Lee-Anne Bockhart Botha
10 September 2016

Thank you to David Mamela that assisted us twice this morning with perimeter checks after 2 incidences occurred. He even climbed into our ceiling. Response time was 2 minutes each time. Thank you for making us feel safe.

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Sarojini Govender
8 September 2016

Today we unfortunately had an incident at our property in Cromwell Road. At 9 in the morning our driveway gate was derailed. When they tried to get into the house they triggered our alarm. Blue Security officer George responded. After clearing the property he waited on site until my husband arrived. He helped him regarding rerail the gate. He was amazing. Well done to George. Thank you for all your hard work and help.

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Anira Balmakhun
7 September 2016

I would like to take this opportunity to thank your team for a superb service.

I had the first time experience of being held up at gunpoint along with other people, while attending a pre funeral service. It was in Tritonia Crescent in Mobeni Heights on Saturday 3 September, just after 7 pm, by 6 armed gunmen. I initially dialed the police and after holding with no response and finally out of desperation I called Blue as there were gun shots being fired. I was inside as I am disabled and many guests including my husband and family were outside. I just needed to get some kind of help and after the shooting I could hear and my instinct next was Blue, the kind lady on the telephone was very helpful and she gave me hope.

Your response officer came into the house and checked on everyone before he left. My heartfelt appreciation goes out to you all from me and my family and every guest at the function. Many are still coming to from the trauma and shock of having guns pointed at them but thankfully no one was shot however some had bruising and items stolen.

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Yvonne van Staden
5 September 2016

Thank you Blue Security and COP Bluff for the excellent service this morning in catching the thieves and returning the stolen chairs. We were woken up from a telephone call from Blue Security saying they were at our gate with information of theft from our premises. Awesome Job Guys! Keep safe!

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Monica Madureira
31 August 2016

I would like to commend Eric from Blue Security who is on duty tonight in the Berea area. What a friendly, caring man, who showed genuine concern for a teacher who was working until very late at school. He insisted I phone before I leave and ask for him to escort me out the property, he ensured me he would be more present around the school while I was there. He was just amazing. Thank you Eric. We need more men like you to serve and protect.

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Drew Pillay
30 August 2016

I was so impressed with Blue Security today. I had a break in this morning and Louis, the guard that patrols the area was there 3 times checking if we were ok. And their technicians repaired the contacts that were damaged in the break-in and also tested the alarm ensuring we won’t have issues.

Thank you for ensuring that we are safe and can sleep tonight without having to worry about our security. I was fed up with the crime in this country this morning but felt a lot better this evening when you guys left. Thank you.

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Rob Chivers
29 August 2016

Zinhle from the response center deserves a massive pat on the back for going above and beyond to help me today.

We had a break in across from us last night and our alarm went on the blink this morning and when we enquired, we were told that all the techies were out and could only attend tomorrow. Of her own accord she took my issue higher and prioritized the call due to the risk and arranged to have it repaired by the afternoon. It’s a rarity to see that sort of commitment nowadays. Well Done!

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Carrie Wearne
29 August 2016

Excellent service from Reg Meyer. Absolute pleasure to have him in our home,he was extremely friendly, punctual and had a real enthusiasm toward us with regards to our needs and wants. He works so diligently and professionally.

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Racine Naidu
27 August 2016

We had a minor crisis at home yesterday. Called in at Blue Security. Had such excellent help from Belinda Naicker. She called and kept me updated throughout the process and was highly efficient. Thank you!!

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Charmaine Saunders
24 August 2016

We recently had a new system fitted in our granny flat. The technical staff who did the installation were the most professional and friendly staff I have ever had working in my home. Fortune is particularly commendable and in my opinion is a huge asset to your company. Nothing was a problem for him. The other team member was also very pleasant and the supervisor, Keith Supersad was most helpful and informative and went out of his way to help me with a long standing problem.

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Candice Wentzel
24 August 2016

I am very impressed with Blue Security and I highly recommend them! During the early hours of Thursday morning on the 18th of August 2016 my Aunt and Uncle were held up in their home in Queen Elizabeth Drive in Westville by 6 armed men.

My Aunt managed to get hold of my mother asking for help. Our whole household woke up in panic. My mother phoned 10111 and I immediately phoned Blue Security. The lady I spoke to was extremely helpful and assured me to stay calm. She advised that a Blue Security Vehicle was dispatched within seconds. Blue Security was at the scene in a matter of minutes, checking if my Uncle was okay. As he was stabbed twice by attackers before the attackers ran off.

Blue Security then searched the neighbour but unfortunately the attackers got away. I am very impressed with Blue for not only their immediate response but also the excellent customer care I received from them. The lady I spoke to, I told her my parents had rushed off to Westville to try and comfort my Aunt and Uncle, she asked if I was alone at home. I told her it was just myself and my young sister at home. Sh then took down my address and made the Blue Security vehicles in our area aware of this. She phoned me back every hour to check up.

I received a call from her yesterday, just following up and to find out how my Aunt and Uncle are. Such impressive service! I sadly do not remember her name, but to know that Blue Security is fighting crime and making our safety a priority is reassuring! Well done Team Blue and thank you for all your help!

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24 August 2016

@bluesecuritydbn so impressed with Blue Security salesman and technicians all arriving early for appointments. Long may it continue.

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Jenny Monte
19 August 2016

My sincere thanks to Blue Security for their quick response today when my elderly mom fell ill. They arrived within two minutes, stayed until after the paramedics had left, and even phoned this evening to ask how my mom is doing. Thank you Blue, your guys are certainly nice to have around! God bless.

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Wesley Govender
19 August 2016

We have been impressed at the efficiency of the technician Ashwin who was called out. He handled everything quickly and answered our questions. Good job.

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Shaista Thazool
16 August 2016

Hi…! Impressed well done to you guys for the excellent response today.. really appreciate the service… may God give yourl the strength to continue protecting us… and may he protect yourl.. also greatful to Netcare for the quick assistance…

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Glynis Sills
11 August 2016

Big thanks to Blue Security our alarm went off in the early hours this morning and hubby was still talking to the guy in the control room and the vehicle was here to check all was good.

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Lynne Porter
8 August 2016

Thank you to Lucky from Blue Security for escorting me home and looking after me while my husband is in hospital. He was so pleasant and obliging and he made me feel safe!

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Jennie Mallitte
3 August 2016

I got home last night at about 8.30 and as I approached my gate I saw the trusty Blue Security van with his blue lights coming towards me so I decided to stop and say hello. I greeted him and he said hello, is this Miss Jennifer? I asked him how he knew my name and he said I know you, I’m looking after you. How amazing that the service is so personal that he knew my name, my car and the house I live in. Love that!

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A Tedeschi
1 August 2016

I hereby wish to forward my entire families appreciation for the efficient and professional service which we received on the morning of the 1st of August of this year.

We experienced an attempted house breaking in the early hours and contacted the control room whom immediately dispatched a response officer. The response officer conducted himself in a professional manner and went over and beyond of what is expected from a security company, and should be commended for his dedicated and selfless service delivery. Thank You Gilbert you are certainly an asset to Blue Security.

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Matthew Wainwright
29 July 2016

I would like to commend Blue Security for their swift response on Sunday morning. Although it was a false alarm (the monkeys had set off the outside beams at 10:26am) Blue Security responded and when I went back and had a look at the CCTV footage, it shows them arriving 3 minutes after the call and thoroughly inspecting my property. Well done Blue.

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Tanya Appana Rathnsamy
26 July 2016

Last night, the unthinkable had happened to my family.

Due to the rainfall, walls had collapsed and unfortunately the drains began to overflow. My parents and family’s house was severely flooded. With all belongings floating. We heard screams and realised that my aunt was trapped inside her outbuilding. The water had risen so high that nothing was visible anymore. We could not get to her, but there was a guy in Blue Security that never hesitated and rushed to her aid. Even though the water was bitterly cold and there could be a possibility of live electric wires in it. He carried her out on his shoulder and made sure she was safe.

You sir, are an angel without without wings. Everything happened so fast that I didn’t get your name. U are our hero in our horrific movie scene! We will forever be indebted to you, your kindness did not go unnoticed and one day we would like to repay you. We would appreciate it if anyone can let us know who this gentleman was. Thank you sir and God bless!

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Ian Gordge
20 July 2016

We were away for a week and left an old not very mobile old lady at home. There was an alarm activation which turned out to be a bird trapped in the garage. Blue responded immediately and then when they realised we were away with an old lady at home they checked in with her everyday on the phone to see she was OK and put in a few extra patrols which were noted.

A big thank you to Blue and the team. Most impressed.

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Neels Scheepers
17 July 2016

Thank you to this wonderful man, who came to assist our neighbour who had an in break today at 3pm in Bardsley Road in Durban South. He assisted her even though she was not a Blue client but I was. Thank you all. Please tell him we all say thank you and the old aunty said God bless him.

Please post this on your Facebook. Want everyone to see that Blue is the fastest and that you guys helped an old lady who isn’t even a Blue client I am one.

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Vanessa Brown
11 July 2016

I would like to say HUGE thank you to the Blue Security Team.

Over the past few weekends we usually have some teenagers that come walking up and down our street where they would loiter and be looking into our yards etc, and even on one occasion started enticing my children that were playing within our property. However on Saturday things got taken a step further where I was challenged by these kids while waiting for my daughter to be dropped off and they were just hanging around and wouldn’t move on. As soon as my daughter came home I took her upstairs and I came back down stairs and was looking through our hedges if they had left, and I saw two of them looking at my gate and rattling it (I am assuming to see if it was unlocked).

I got scared as it is only us at home and I called 10111 with no response and then I called Blue Security, and even though we don’t belong to Blue they had dispatched a vehicle to come do a patrol in our road. I then after a short time got a call from Roheshan at Blue to see if we are all alright and through out the rest of the day and again today to see if everything is sound. I am very impressed and very grateful as to know that Blue is there to aid and assist us at anytime and their concern for our safety has given us peace of mind that should there be an emergency we can contact Blue Security with immediate reaction. Thank you Blue Security Team.

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Steve Norminton
8 July 2016

It was my house. He and a friend removed a skylight. I heard something and saw what was going on. This thug, obviously high on something, made the decision to jump down over 4m onto me. I immediately started screaming. In the next 10 minutes, I managed to destroy around 5 cupboards in my kitchen. None of my neighbours could get into my property, but Protus and a neighbour climbed over my wall.

To cut and even longer story short, Protus and I managed to get the thug in handcuffs whilst I found my keys, and until the cops arrived from 500m away. Wounds have healed and I’m just finishing anti-retrovirals. Protus came around at the same time the following day to see how I was. Protus, for me at least, IS the poster guy for Blue! What an amazing gent! And my neighbours ROCK! Also, everyone please know that any window can be removed in seconds. We don’t expect someone to be able to get in down a 4m drop.

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Maria Lurdes Badenhorst
5 July 2016

To Brian Jackson and his team who so timelessly give of their time, they never cease to amaze me, Brian well done my friend I have been your customer with two homes for 10 years and at no time I have ever had to have anything bad to say God protect you all.

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Sarel Pretorius
5 July 2016

I would like to convey my deepest appreciation for a member called Roheston in service of Blue Security.

I have never met such a dedicated person in my life! I phoned him this morning requesting him to follow up on a customer of Blue Security regarding a vacant property in the Bluff to rent. This person came back to me within minutes and reported to me that the house is not for rent. During the cause of the day he followed up on houses for rent and he then sent me the information. You are really a wonderful and very helpful friendly person.

Thank you Blue Security for the high quality personnel that you appointed to serve your customers. I would also like to mention that my son is making use of your service and the service is unreal and very professional. I wish you all just the best of luck!

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Craig Legge
3 July 2016

To the Directors and Management Team of Blue Security, just a big thank you for your involvement in the Bella Fun Run/walk.

I am her uncle and it was very touching to witness a community rallying to the aid of this sick young girl. I hope that this email will be a reminder to you that your efforts and your kindness have been noticed. This is good for humanity and, ultimately, good for business too.

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Trish Gierke
29 June 2016

This letter should have been written over 3 months ago – but I have been in no fit state to do so, until recently. Please forgive me for only contacting you now.

I had occasion on the morning of Saturday the 13th February this year, to call upon the assistance of Blue Security. I was unable to wake my husband that morning. In my state of shock after frantically dialing the wrong number for Netcare, I phoned BLUE. Your call center lady dealt very efficiently and kindly with me – and while she talked to me, she was also busy dispatching help.

Very soon one of your men was at my door – like an angel sent! He introduced himself as Jacob Mokoena. He immediately took stock of the situation – talked to me, with care and kindness – and made calls to check on Netcare arrival. When Netcare arrived, he directed them in to our unit and explained the situation. Jacob then remained with me while Netcare attempted to resuscitate and until Doves Undertakers had removed my husband’s body.
Jacob’s professionalism was evident throughout this time, as he quietly took charge of the situation here, in a calm and assuring manner.

During my long career in education, I have been involved in training and I like to think I am equipped to recognize excellence in professional service delivery, when I see it. And so, it is without hesitation that I commend Jacob Mokoena for his services that morning. His impressive commitment to what he does was very obvious to me. He is an outstanding credit to your organization – but I cannot imagine I am telling you something you don’t already know! It would mean a lot to me if my appreciation for this could be conveyed to him & also be added to his personnel record, as a commendation.

To BLUE Security I convey my deepest thanks for the amazing response and assistance in my time of need. With my deepest gratitude to you all.

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Patricia Mitchell
24 June 2016

I was SUPER impressed by the service I received from your Sales and installation staff. What a pleasant and rewarding experience. Ferlin Chetty kept all his promises and the installation team worked neatly and were very respectful. Blue Security……You ROCK!!!

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Helen Thompson
22 June 2016

@bluesecuritydbn I can not THANK your armed response enough. Brilliant efforts between Blue & SAPS in catching 2 out of 3 hijackers tonight.

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Cindy Odendaal
14 June 2016

Well done guys!!!!! Not even 5 min and you were here to assist me. Keep up the good work your armed response and service is great!!!!!

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13 June 2016

I would just like to thank Moses the security that was on duty in Kloof Village mall on the evening of the 10/06/16.

Upon chatting with Moses, he advised me that our lights were still on when he came into the Centre; when he was doing his spot checks after us leaving he picked up that our receiving door was opened and immediately contacted the relevant people and alerted a guard from the center to be posted at the door until I drove and came back to store. He also waited with me and the center security until my senior staff came with the shop keys.

Upon me entering the store with my senior staff he advised us to wait while he checked the entire store and then we proceeded. He accompanied us to the office to get the keys from the safe and lock the door and also waited till we re-armed the store and exited. Thank you for your fast and efficient response Moses .

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Helen Thompson
9 June 2016

Thank you to Rajesh from @bluesecuritydbn for helping with the attempted hijacking in Glenwood tonight. He was awesome #bluesecurityrocks.

And also a special shout out to all the armed response guys working our area. They are all amazing!

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Gus Kruger
8 June 2016

I would now like to thank Blue Security for the excellent service we have received from the day I first made the call to sign up with you until the night we needed your assistance.

In particular I want to mention Area Manager, Sylvester Gambu and Selby Shezi that responded to our house break on the 1 June 2016 in the early ours of the morning. There was a 3rd member but unfortunately I did not get his name. The time that it took to get to our home was fantastic I believe it was within 3 min from the activation of the panic alarm. Then the manner in which your staff reassured us and made me and my family feel that it is safe was wonderful, to see people who take pride and still have passion for what they do is priceless, and above all they perused the suspects and still recovered one of the stolen TV sets, the thieves did not get away with it. We will always be grateful for the trust you have installed in us with the service you deliver, keep it up and we are spreading the word to everybody we know that you are the BEST!!!!!!

We have purchased a house in Winston Park and will be moving in on the 1 September 2016, and be sure your company will be the one to look after our family in the years to come.

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Wayne van Rooyen
7 June 2016

I would like to say a big thank you to Blue Security, this morning at approx 4am our alarm was triggered, although it turned out to be a false alarm the reacting officer, if I recall correctly Bongi, patrolled the complete building (flats) and even went so far as doing a full walk around the external of the building and down the side ally as he had heard dogs in the area barking. He did not leave until he knew for sure that the area and surrounding area was clear of any danger. Well done Bongi and Blue Security!!!!

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Caryn Leigh Holton
3 June 2016

Yesterday I had a security system installed in my house, and I just have to say, what a fantastic installation team you have. It was a pleasure meeting them. Thanks Blue I look forward to many nights feeling safer in my home.

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Mirelle Gerhardt
31 May 2016

Hi there, 4 weeks ago I was walking my dogs on Edward Drive and they got into a fight with each other. There was no one around to help me so I waved down a Blue Security bakkie. The driver pulled over, got out and assisted me. I asked him to take the leash of one of my dogs, and I carried the smaller one. We walked around and up to Camp Road all the way to my house which is in Cleevewood Park. He walked me and my dog to my front door. I asked him to wait and fetched R20 to give to him and he wouldn’t take it, he said “No, he did it from his heart”. I was really touched by his attitude. His name is Mandla, he drives a Gillitts Park vehicle. Please could you acknowledge and credit him. Thanks.

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Linda Stapelberg van Zyl
27 May 2016

We live in Yellowwood Park. In the early morning of the 24th 3 BM jumped our 6ft front fence, dog (inside house) barked and alerted me. I shouted at them and they jumped out again just to pop their heads over the fence to jump again. Pushed the alarm and they crawled across to my next door neighbour who also shouted at them.

Two Blue officers responded and we want to commend them for their excellent response time and when they attended they were absolutely professional. The one van remained at our property while the other scanned the area. We want to extend our greatest appreciation to the two officers. We are busy dealing with Henry now to add more outside security in the form of beams. Thank you again Blue for fantastic service allround.

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Clive and Claudia Chetty
27 May 2016

I would like to thank Blue security who came to our rescue last night.

My aunt who is 85 years old came to spend some time at our house, around 11pm she got extremely ill, she went into a coma and was not responding. We called for an ambulance but instead was given another number to call and was just be passed on. Thankfully we remembered we have a medical button on our Alarm system, we called blue and within 3 minutes they were at our house together with 3 ambulances services. the security guard walked in (Didn’t get their names) he took one look at her while family members were crying and he was so comforting he said she’s going to be alright, within minutes the paramedics was able to bring her back to life.

Thank you Blue Security, your guys only left after the paramedics left, they were very comforting and kept telling us to call again if anything had to happen. We have no regrets joining Blue, we really feel safe again.

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Zakiya Kikia Khan
25 May 2016

Just wanted to commend the staff of BLUE SECURITY for going the extra mile for their clients.

Today was a typical day until my domestic worker went into pre-mature labour. The situation could have easily turned ugly with the pain-wracked mother-to-be alone at home save for a 78 year old grandmother and a student. A panic signal was activated and security officer Sandile was dispatched. An ambulance was requested and supervisor Greggory soon arrived. The supervisor remained at the premises until the ambulance arrived. The supervisor even went out to direct the ambulance to the correct address. Barely an hour later my domestic worker gave birth to a healthy baby girl and both mum and baby are recovering in the local hospital.

Gentlemen, I salute you. Heroes are not just fictional characters in the movies. I’m proud that we have our own home grown variety at BLUE SECURITY.

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Louisa van Niekerk
24 May 2016

A big shout out and thank you to all the guys who turned up at the Amanzimtoti bird park yesterday and who drive around in search of the robbers. Thank you, thank you. You were there in a flash.

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Claudette Angela Thomas
21 May 2016

I would just like to say a huge thank you to a gentleman who works at Blue Security.

His name is Cyprian. He was working Memorial Park area Kloof last night. Once I returned home from visiting a friend I received a call from him to say he had found a cell phone in the road, and I was listed as “mom” on the phone. I met him and he gave me my son’s cell phone. Not many people would of done that and I hope his genuine act of kindness gets paid back to him ten fold.

Well done Blue Security!!!

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Jennie Mallitte
20 May 2016

Oh.. and let’s not forget Blue Security who arrived within 4 minutes of my alarm going off. Yes, 4 minutes!! If not for them I would have lost a lot more.

The reaction officer helped me put my gate back and made sure I was ok before rushing off to the next call. They made extra patrols that night and phoned the next day to see if I was ok and if my alarm needed repairs. Every evening I see that car drive past repeatedly with its lights flashing and I feel calm. Hats off.

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Aradhna Somaru
20 May 2016

Thank you Blue for your prompt response and assistance to an armed robbery in Park Drive, Westville. Feels good having you around the area. Keep up the good work.

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Don Maskell
18 May 2016

Many thanks to Blue Seucirty for your participation in our ENW – Escombe Neighbourhood Watch stand down last night we really appreciate your presence.

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Alain Du Plessis
17 May 2016

I live in Waterfall, Upper Highway, KZN, and am a client of Blue Security. I would like to compliment Blue Security Management, Control Room and Reaction Officer, (Vusi from Waterfall Area) for outstanding response, reaction and follow up.

My power went out on Thursday evening and because the Control Room did not receive the test signal from m residence, they dispatched their reaction officer (Vusi). Vusi entered our grounds, thereby alerting the dogs and my wife. Upon us checking the perimeter, my wife noticed the Blue Security vehicle and was greeted by Vusi and confirming if all was in order.Vusi was very professional and polite. At this stage my mother-in-law was also called by Blue’s control room, as we were not responding to our home landline, due to cordless phone which needs power to operate and was not in operation.

Upon my wife leaving for work, I remained at home in order to sort out the electricity. At approximately 9:00 am Vusi returned at which stage I was outside isolating the main power supply. Vusi introduced himself and asked me if all was ok. Vusi made another visit when he noticed the strangers (Electrical team) in the area, in particular my yard. Vusi asked me if it was still all ok, at which time I informed him that he should not worry to come around and waste his precious time, whilst the electricity was off and that I would update him as to when the fault was sorted out.

This is not the only time that I have had such good response from the Control Room and the Reaction Officers. Kindly pass my message of appreciation onto your control room staff and Vusi. Thank you Blue Security, I am proud to say that I am one of your clients.

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12 May 2016

Well done to Blue & Musa! I live in Sea View. It was a rare 5am false alarm Musa was at the gate before I got to the door! Thanks.

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5 May 2016

I would like to acknowledge Ricky, the salesman that assisted me as well as the technical team that installed the alarm by complimenting them. The efficiency of Ricky responding to a query on an alarm together with his patience and support resulted in 3 new clients signing up with Blue Security.

Ricky came out to see us in the same day that the enquiry was made and he provided us with all the information we required and we did have a lot of questions. When we told Ricky that we required more time to look at the competitor he did not become hostile or pushy but rather afforded us the opportunity to look elsewhere whilst remaining in contact and following up on our progress. The competitor never pitched for his appointment and when compared to Ricky, we decided to sign our three houses with Blue. Rick provided support even after sale by assisting with installation queries and assisting with expediting installation as we were leaving on holiday. Ricky still followed up with us thereafter only to find out we were not given the master lock which he thereafter delivered within 2 days. Again, it is this type of sales and support that resulted and will continue to result in an increased client base. Keep up the good work Ricky.

Regarding the technical team, I am not sure on the supervisors name, I think it was either Samuel or Samson, however I must applaud the team for the efficiency, care and neat work that was invested in the installation. Above all this though is the fact that the integrity with which the supervisor worked was so tangible. You would be pleased to know that even when fluked about extra passives and installation in lieu of pocket money and he outright declined and said we can get this from Blue. He is truly a loyal asset to your company and I would employ him, in a heartbeat as an asset to my company, if I had one. South African corporates need more morally inclined employees like him.

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Bernie Caval Sander Williamson
29 April 2016

I would like to say how impressed I am with Blue armed response.. We had an incident last night about 8pm our neighbours had their new merc stolen from their yard they tried to alert their security but no response after 40 mins they arrived.. they were furious.. My point I’m making is that Blue was there before them.. They went onto the property to help look out for criminals on the property.. How great was that.. The people all around were so impressed.. I felt so proud to see the Blue vans.. This was in Kenville. Well done you guys for helping out.

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Damon Beard
26 April 2016

Thank u Renold from @bluesecuritydbn for your amazing service. Always making sure my security is top notch. If u not with Blue.. u should be.

I’m afraid I didn’t get the name of the guy who helped him – but please say thank you to him for me too. #Thebest

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Riaan Botha
23 April 2016

Hi just wanted to compliment Conrad and the technical team for helping me with my alarm system today, especially uncle Reggie for his good work today. Thank you guy.

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Angela Roderick
30 March 2016

We have moved over to Blue today. Phenomenal service from Reg, the technician who came out to us. With a 4 month old baby in the house his job couldn’t have been easy. He was so professional and worked as quietly as he could – even doing his testing with the siren off so as to not wake a sleeping baby. Such a pleasant guy doing Blue proud!

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Dion Sauls
19 March 2016

The best armed response in the world. Thanks Blue for assisting me after your team found me lying unconscious in my home.

I had been unconscious for more than 10 hours. My wife, who was in Polokwane, could not get in contact with me from 10am and in distress called our armed response team, Blue Security who found me lying on the floor in my bedroom at about 10pm. They called the ambulance and waited until the medical and my family from PMB was available. They only left the scene after the ambulance had taken me to the hospital.

A big thank you to team Blue Security Armed Response.

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Michelle Timlin-Bucknall
17 March 2016

I would just like to say a Big Thank You to your Patrol Officer, who works the Farningham Ridge area, for all he did today to help with 2 roaming dogs in Jellicoe / Bartlett roads. He was amazing. So cool and calm.

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Morne Janse van Vuuren
16 March 2016

Firstly thank you to officer Dudley for his patience at my home. When he came over with my new application contract he walked in at the worst of times. I was constantly interrupted by my family and clients whom came over to see my house but kept his professional pose and he still answered all my questions that I had and he explained it in a very simple and understanding way. Thank you officer for your help and I can’t wait for my alarm to be installed. Counting the days.

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Christine Burns
10 March 2016

Hi, just to say thank you to Blue Security for their support yesterday following an incident at my home in Gillitts … especially to Daniel who followed up this morning by calling at my property to ensure that everything was still OK.

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Frances Bevan
3 March 2016

Belated but sincere thank you to the Blue officer who responded to our house alarm on Saturday morning about 11:30. We had a situation with our dog and driveway gate. The officer was most sympathetic and concerned for our welfare.

Thank you again – we were comforted by your attitude.

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Debbie Stevenson Linden
16 February 2016

Our offices in Westville were broken into at 6am Sunday morning. Nolan and Anesh were there within minutes (as I am told by the security guard at the gate) they were very caring and concerned that something has been taken fortunately nothing was taken, but just the inconvenience of having the door fixed and now putting up extra burglar bars and gates what an expense that will be!!

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Nashil Singh
13 February 2016

Dear Blue Security, I am obliged to express our amazing experiences, with one of your armed response officers names Lucky (surname unknown) located either in Kelvin Place Durban North, top of Athlone Bridge or Riverside area (not sure how you arrange your officers).

I have had many alarm activations (all false) but without hesitation officer Lucky still walked around the premises making sure everything is okay and safe. He has the biggest smile on his face and a calm, soft tone in his voice. He is also very polite and professional and dog friendly. He really listens to what I explain to him regarding the matters of our outside beam and always sincerely gives his view as well, on what could have triggered the beam (which is always correct, when looking at the camera feed).

Therefore, I feel safe and secure beyond compare in my home. I have never felt so safe and secure in my life, especially knowing that he is just around the corner with a response time of less than a minute. I have never been so pleased with a security company’s response time. Honestly, officer Lucky is something else. Therefore, I feel that I have to let you know how good a person officer Lucky is. I really want to make sure that your company notice it.

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Alex Haupt
10 February 2016

Hi there, I just wanted to say thank you. We had a trespasser on our property this afternoon. I called the control room to request a callout. We have installed four cameras due to a spate of crime in the area and we saw the gents who were sent out to our house do a thorough job inspecting our house as well as surrounding areas. We really appreciate you taking our safety concerns seriously.

Thank you once again.

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William Arendse
1 February 2016

I would like you to pass on a compliment of excellence to one of your armed response guards. Nkosinathi (call sign a/o) sorry not 100% sure of his spelling.

He was on duty on 29th January in Waterfall area and at 02h58 our alarm went off while we were away. He responded to this as well as a second alarm at 03h16 again. We observed his check on our CCTV when we returned home later that day and we would appreciate you passing on to him how impressed we were with the thorough check that he carried out. He actually checked every corner of the property including the roof areas with precision and absolute dedication.

This was very encouraging to see even though we were not there for him to “act out” the check. He was fully prepared for any defense, being armed and totally in control the whole time. This is very encouraging and provides a complete sense of security with your company. He is an absolute asset to your company and it would be greatly appreciated if you could pas on our compliments to him in person.

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Robyn Eastwood
1 February 2016

Thank you so much to our local Carrington Heights / Glenmore security guy.

We were followed by 2 cars late last night and detoured to check if they would turn too. They did and as I got out my phone to ask for an escort the Blue vehicle approached us. He took us home and waited for us to get inside. He confirmed the vehicles has beaten a hasty retreat when they saw us stop him. Thank you!

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Dael Visser Louw
29 January 2016

Well Done Blue. I saw a very lost dog today and by the time I could turn around he had been chased away. So I searched a few roads and when I came around the one corner, one of your vans was driving slowly behind the dog. When I stopped to chat to your employee (whose name I unfortunately never got) he told me he knows where the dog lives and has contacted the owner and would escort the dog home.

Very impressed Blue!

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Sundika Jagessar
29 January 2016

In this world, goodness still exists and it seems that there are quite a few good people like you.

I express my heartfelt gratitude to Vincent from Blue Security for locating Adhi. He is bruised and very dehydrated but happy to be back home, Adhi says thanks to everyone for helping him to find his way back home.

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Satish Singh
27 January 2016

Good Morning, I would like to thank Blue Security for the outstanding service. There was a break-in at my premises and in minutes Blue was there.

Furthermore, I would also like to thank their reaction officers for their quick response and a special thanks to reaction officer Owen for following up and checking on us. Keep up the great work.

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Margaret Stoop
21 January 2016

Completely blown away! My alarm has gone off 3 times this evening I wasn’t home. On the 3rd call I informed your very kind and friendly call centre lady not worry as it’s probably a beam that’s got a problem.

As I stopped at home roughly 6 min after the call, a car stopped at my gate. Daniel from Blue came to greet me and double check if I’m ok – this after I said not to worry to send someone. He had notived that their was a spike in crime in our area and wanted to just make sure I was ok. I’ve never met this gent before but tonight after he left I felt like I made a friend.

I feel safe and happy knowing Daniel and your team are looking out for me. Your call centre staff are always friendly, kind and very on the ball. Thank you for being awesome.

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Vanessa Ronald
21 January 2016

A fine gentleman / officer names Samual (patrolling the Durban North area) arrived in seconds after my alarm went off. I am home alone so you can only imagine my fear. He was the very best, checked absolutely everything without showing any frustration. Your call centre was amazing and you guys did an awesome job. Thank you for making me feel safe.

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Jennifer Wemyss
20 January 2016

To give credit where it is due! I had issues with the Blue accounting system and Chantal Govender has been a star. She has patiently sent me copies of documents sorted out queries and generally gone the extra mile. Thank you Chantal!!

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Jason Currie
17 November 2015

Just wanted to commend Tony Ludlow for the excellent service I have had from his as we move our property alarm systems over to Blue in Crestview. He is a great asset to your company.

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Sandra Naicker
16 November 2015

Just would like to thank Dean Burne sales consultant for Blue Security for his time and professional advice and quoting us for an alarm system. We have signed up and now await just as great service from the rest of the team.

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Charmaine Gradwell
3 September 2015

I just saw a wonderful act of kindness by a Blue Security employee. A lady appeared to have broken down at the very top of a steep hill and was battling and it had caused a traffic jam all the way down the hill. A Blue Security employee got into her car and got her car moving again. Thank you very much. PS with a big smile on his face. Well done Blue Security.

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Pauline Thompson
5 August 2015

I’d like to extend my heartfelt gratitude to your security officers for their quick response and assisting me on Monday, the 27th July 2015 during a break-in at my Cottage in Glenwood, while I was there; thank you for re-assuring me, comforting me and for arresting the suspect.

Without the help of Lt Vikesh Singh and Security Officers Sipho Mjoli & Sylvester Shezi the outcome may not have been the same. Your bravery, care, support and dedication did not go unnoticed… You guys ROCK and to me you are all HEROES!! THANK YOU SO MUCH.

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Megan Bonnetard
27 May 2015

I would like to thank the entire Blue Security team who dealt with our case after our home was burgled on Friday last week (22/05/2015). I cannot remember the names of every person I spoke to, but everyone of them was understanding and courteous, clearly understanding the trauma a person feels after an experience like that. The day after the event I had a call from a gentleman to find out how I was doing and if I would like an activity report for insurance purposes. It was strangely very comforting to receive this call.

The tech team who came out to repair our siren were courteous and well-informed. We requested a representative to call on us to reassess our system, and this was dealt with very promptly. I would like to thank Vikesh in particular, who responded to the callout. We weren’t home at the time but our daughter informs us that he was very helpful and understanding, taking time to help them secure the premises again.

Thank you again to everyone of your team who has helped to make this ordeal less terrible.


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Mrs Susan Parker
25 February 2015

Yesterday at 10am I was shopping at Spar. My mum was ill and I had her in the car rushing her to hospital. I was behind an Indian female and two Indian males from Blue Security. I was in a great hurry the lady Natasha could see I was in a hurry, she let me go before her, but the next part amazes me. I didn’t know such people existed.

When I got to the pay point I realised my bag was in my car. My stuff came to just over R150 and Natasha paid for my stuff. How does Blue Security find their staff? When I got to hospital the doctor said mum was having a heart attack, if I brought her a minute later I would’ve lost her. Thank you Natasha for saving my mother, I do not know what you do in Blue Security, but the company is damn lucky.

An angel Natasha, God must bless your humble kind hearted soul.

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Celeste Netto
11 February 2015

During a raging storm – my dog Skye (a very nervous and highly strung German Shepherd cross), in her panicked state got stuck between the bars of the palisade fencing in our yard. There was no-one to assist me, so in desperation I telephoned Blue Security and asked if they could send aid.

Well the armed response arrived almost immediately and together we managed to free my dog. This kind deed was beyond the officer’s call of duty and I will be eternally grateful to Blue Security and to Sipho for their assistance. I live in the Glenmore area and I am really impressed with the strong presence of Blue in our area.

Thank you again for your kind assistance and to Blue for their invaluable service in our community.

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Archie Hirasen
27 January 2015

Truly outstanding service. Your team of technicians and patrol officers are the best I have seen.

A month ago, our temple SIVA MANRAM in Havenside, Chatsworth was observing a prayer service at 5am in the morning. Seeing our gates open, a Blue Security Officer entered our premises and enquired if everything was OK. This is the kind of courtesy and service we expect. Keep up the great work! Our thanks of the Blue Team.

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Pranesh from FR & R Tuning
19 December 2014

I would like to commend Blue Security on their outstanding service received on Friday evening. They were nothing short of efficient and professional.

Your armed response team were tactful and they even went above and beyond their duty by waiting until my neighbour arrived as his premises was broken into as well. Rajan patiently waited with us until we found alternative locks to replace the damaged ones. The next morning, I received a call from Viren, who was very compassionate and even told me about an incident report that will be forwarded to me for insurance purposes, which I didn’t even know I required. As promised, forwarded it and that helped as the Insurer did request it.

About an hour after Viren’s call, I received a call from a concerned Shaun, who offered his assistance and that of Blue Security with anything further that I required. I have to say, that service delivery of this nature is unheard of in SA. It’s a complete honour and pleasure to be associated with an organisation of such high standards. I will gladly recommend your company to any and all of my family and friends.

Keep up the great work.


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Good Service
12 September 2014

My home was entered via the roof this morning. I was only able to get to the location around 2 hours later, when I found Vikesh, one of your staff members waiting for me. He went above and beyond the call of duty; waiting with me until my neighbour was able to re secure the tiles, and making sure everything was secure.

This is one of the reasons I will always recommend BLUE to friends. Thank you Vikesh!!!!

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Lynne Wilkinson
26 August 2014

On Saturday 23/8/2014 my daughter and I were at Memorial Park when the Memorial Park patrol vehicle with reaction officer Goodman, was asking about a dog which had escaped from one of Blue Security’s clients’ home. As we left the park by Kloof SAPS we saw the dog and my daughter ran after it, and with the help of some community members we caught the dog.

I then called your Control Centre and spoke to a very helpful male controller who alerted the vehicles and within 5 minutes 2 vehicles arrived. With the help of a kind man we put the dog on his bakkie and he was taken home. I would like to thank both Goodman and the male controller who assisted a being a client of Blue and an animal lover that not only do Blue go above and beyond for their 2 legged clients, but also for the 4 legged ones. Well done!


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Jenny Cave
22 August 2014

Yesterday (19/08/2014) we had a burglary at our home in Westville, just after 1pm. The gates were forced, the security gate at the front door had the lock broken and the front door was forced open. Electronic goods were stolen – TV, laptop, Dvd player etc. The alarm was fully armed. Blue Security were on the ball and arrived very quickly as did SAPS (Westville).

As my husband was away I was understandably anxious to return to the house. There were two Blue guys waiting for me (as I was flustered I sadly did not ask for their names). They were fantastic! They helped me with the damaged gate and got it operational, they helped me secure the front door and they helped me in the house. I can only commend Blue and their staff for a very professional and caring support system. From the first call to the time the guys left, the follow up phone calls – all I can say is ‘Blue, you all are the best’!

Thank you to all who assisted, even those in the control room.


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Kerry Buys
17 July 2014

On Saturday evening at 7pm my husband and 4yr old boy were at home while we had intruders trying to break in the house with balaclavas on. My husband pushed the panic button and within minutes Brandon was there, he called the police and stayed with us to ensure we were all ok.

Thank you Brandon and Blue Security for your quick response, I would hate to know what would of happened if we did not have your services and to rely on the police as they only showed up over 2 hours later. A big thank you again Blue Security Team.


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Jonathan Bird
16 July 2014

I’d like to just congratulate Blue Security on the amazing service you provide. A couple weeks ago (24/06/14) we had a wild bush fire start up near our house and it was approaching at speed. Due to our poor emergency preparation I was not able to get a hold of the fire dept. number as quickly as I needed, and in a panic I hit the fire button on our household security pad. I did then manage to find a number for the fire services.

Now it was a Blue Security team member that got us first, and he wasted no time jumping into action, carting bucket after bucket of water scooped from the pool and dumping it on the fire. Poor bloke was doing this while wearing a bulletproof vest too. What a star. Anyway the fire teams arrived on site and did what they did to get it taken care of.

All in all much appreciation to that guy and the fast response. I would also like to say that I do see your teams doing what I think might be regular drive by’s down our road. Excellent stuff.


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Mario George
11 June 2014

I have had many incidents of crime at my complex in Glenwood and every time I called for assistance, it took forever. With Blue Security I just call once and the longest they ever took was 2 minutes. I have also had an experience where Blue Security went out their way to assist me in finding a guy that was on the premises trying to get in.

I recommend Blue to anyone and everyone. I will not change my Security company. I have also called in when I thought a car outside looked a little dodgy and without a second heart beat Blue was there to check and make sure I am safe. Keep up the good work Blue!


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From a Morningside Resident
27 May 2014

At 4:30 am Sunday morning, I phoned your call centre to request help. My husband had fallen; he is unable to lift himself and I am not strong enough to help him. Jabulani, your security assistant on duty at the time, was at our unit within 15 minutes. He was so smartly dressed in his uniform and he was very politely spoken. He assisted my husband to get onto our stair lift and finally helped him to get into bed! Thank you so much for such excellent service!!


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From an Upper Highway Resident
26 May 2014

Since signing up with Blue in January this year, I have been impressed by all the team members that I have had the pleasure of dealing with.

I have found Blue staff to be polite, friendly efficient and helpful. Faizul was a prime example recently. When called out for what seemed a faulty door contact, he quickly ascertained that a naughty rat had chewed by alarm cable, and even offered to throw rat pellets in the ceiling for me!The Gent who raced round late the other night in response to my alarm activation, was professional, reassuring and thorough in his assessment of the property and situation. Thank you Blue. Keep up the great service!


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Brian Chris Hamilton
1 April 2014

Good afternoon Mukesh. Thank you once again for excellent service as always. From last year March upon first dealings until current, it has always been an absolute pleasure dealing with yourself and your team at Blue Security. You always go the extra mile, work more efficiently and effectively and with the clients best interests in mind at all times.

I will keep an eye on the fault, and if it persists I will log it with the Technical Department. Thank you very much, I have receive all information in detail and a timeous fashion, very much appreciated. (Sasha Gangaram and Devagi Pillai). Just to the armed reaction members of Morningside Area, please tell them that they are doing a great job too, all the activations I have had are followed by a professional call and armed reaction within 2 to 8 minutes. Great job!


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Val Claus
13 March 2014

On the evening of 13th Feb my husband went to lie on his bed not feeling well, he called our 18 year old daughter, as I was in Johannesburg, told her he can feel he’s having a stroke. She very cleverly pushed the alarm panic button. Blue Security immediately set into motion getting an ambulance and kept my daughter on the line to calm her down until help arrived.

We would like to thank Blue Security for acting so quickly and for helping my daughter to keep calm. They got him to the hospital within three quarters of an hour. A few days later someone phoned from Blue Security to find out how my husband was doing. My husband is now at home recuperating from his stroke. Fortunately it was not a serious stroke but enough to put him out of work for 6 months and is getting therapy to help him walk again and to get his speech back.

Thank you again Blue for your help.

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Moyra Duchenne
27 February 2014

I would like to commend the security officers who patrol the Berkeley, Grosvenor area. In particular Jabulani Mvaba and Colin.

They are unfailingly polite. They greet residents of the area, clients and non-clients. They appear very aware of the neighourhood and its issues. Jabu saw my car key left in the boot overnight. He saw this in the early morning and immediately let me know when I came out of the house. I compliment you on your service to the neighbourhood, even though I cannot afford the service, I indirectly have the benefit of your being there.

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Kathleen Pearson
14 February 2014

We would like to thank Blue for their prompt response and efficient service in the early hours of this morning when we called them to check things out when our neighbours unit was broken into. The thieves got into their unit and were trying to break down their bedroom door when Blue arrived and they ran away. Brian and another two guys, who we unfortunately didn’t get names for, were great and we would like to praise them for their swift response and caring attitude.

We were also pleasantly surprised to receive a follow up call from Blue later in the morning to ensure that we were all ok and to see if we needed assistance with anything. We have been very happy with our service from Blue and would highly recommend them to anyone considering getting extra security or changing companies. Thank you for being there and for caring.


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Shaun Matzner
29 January 2014

I have had a stand alone system, no armed response for 1 year – no issues… in Dec 2013 I asked BS to link a radio and armed response. Collin Soobramoney was assigned as technician. Since the install there has been one or 2 issues with faulty sirens, false alarms etc… with financial burdens that we all have to bear it was very frustrating to hear that my last issue may well now be the PC board… however, Collin took the time to exhaust all options and possible causes and in the end, it was only the siren… which was replaced as warranty claim…

Through all of this Collin had to bear the frustrations that us as customers vent because far too often, the consumer is ‘dooped’ into fixing what is not broken, because we don’t know any better… he remained professional at all times and his work ethic is awesome. I am glad there is this forum to express thanks. So thank you to BS and to Collin in particular.


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Thane Hean
29 January 2014

I just wanted to pop you off a quick mail about a recent incident which took place at my home in Fiona Place in Gillitts. In the early hours of Thursday January the 23rd, thankfully while I was out of town, at least 1 ne’er-do-well used a plastic seat to scale my fence and gain access to my yard. This person then began his assault on my locked cottage windows with a flat piece of concrete (later found at the scene). After badly damaging the 1st window (but failing to gain access), the assailant then moved to the next window where his forbearance eventually left him and he took to smashing the window in with the aforementioned piece of concrete.

Once the window was destroyed the previously obscured burglar bars were exposed and, not wanting his efforts to go in vain, the perpetrator then took it upon himself to somehow bash in the burglar bars (which were imbedded in the window frames and wall). Fortunately, once the window itself was disturbed, my Blue Security alarm was set off.

I was many miles away and blissfully unaware of anything being wrong at this stage as the Blue security control room tried, without success, to contact me. In the meantime my neighbours (who are also my landlords) had awoken to the sound of the alarm and, upon looking through their windows across to my house, saw the Blue Security armed responder’s flash light already surveying my property. Which means that in the time it took for an elderly couple to get out of bed and look out the window, Blue Security had been alerted of the break in and already had a responder in my garden doing an inspection.

The blue Security responder took his car down to my neighbour’s house and drove one of them up to my property so they could inspect the damage further. The details of exactly what followed that night are mostly inconsequential, suffice to say that within 35 minutes, the Blue Security 1st responder, the Blue Security area manager (Lenny), 2 members of the SAP (which Blue Security had called) and my neighbour, were sat at my dining room table going over the events.

My neighbours, who are usually sparingly in their praise, had nothing but good to say about Blue Security’s response time, personal care and service after the incident and they were further impressed when, a few hours later after a request for a technician, Smiley arrived at my house checking that all the contacts were working and that the alarm still operated properly. (My neighbours were very impressed with Smileys friendliness and professionalism).

I too am very impressed with the service I received from Blue Security, I have always hoped that they would be there for me should the worst happen and indeed they were.

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Graham & Turid Cunningham
9 January 2014

Graham and I have just returned from the best and most relaxing holiday ever! We had been very anxious about leaving our home for an extended period of time. On the strength of your advice we contacted Max Naicker and he literally bent over backwards to assure us that we would be in safe hands – he was NOT wrong! On the morning of our departure (23rd December) we contacted your Control Room to test our system and our only regret is that we did not take down the name of the person who assisted us. He was great! He made us test every single Panic, Mag & Passive! We are so sorry that we didn’t get his name – we made the call between 8am – 8.45am.

We also had incredible assistance from Mr Naicker. He advised us of a nightly patrol of our property at the cost of R25 + VAT per patrol and we opted for one patrol per night for the duration of our holiday – this is such a wonderful service at an insanely cheap price! We would like to close by saying that we had a very special holiday with our children who were visiting from the UK and whom we hadn’t seen for 5 years! We took Mr Naicker’s advice to heart and went away with not a care in the world!!!

Our heartfelt thanks to Merle, Max and the Control Room Staff and, of course, BLUE SECURITY! You are the best! May we also take this opportunity to wish each and every one of you a happy, healthy and prosperous 2014!


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Alain Du Plessis
3 January 2014

I write this mail out of appreciation and gratitude for the service I receive from your company.

Every now and then our alarm is falsely activated and we receive a courteous call from your staff asking if all is in order etc. To make the issue better, your patrol vehicle often drives up and down our Road as it a dead end with a large amount of pedestrian traffic. The driver is always friendly and well mannered and vigilant and is so observant that he gave that extra look and drive by yesterday when we had painting contractors on our property and he was obviously not familiar with their presence.

We as a family would like for management of Blue to acknowledge and pass our thanks onto all you patrols and control room staff but especially the patrols who service our area. I continually promote the good service I receive from Blue and will continue to do so. Keep it up and Thank you.


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Sylvia Lasich
13 December 2013

Dear Sirs. Please accept our sincere apologies for our belated thank you. We have gone through a series of traumatic events which has taken a toll on our lives.

My husband was high-jacked on 15th July and I was attacked on 1st October. We want to commend and compliment the controllers that responded promptly within seconds to our distress call. They were extremely helpful, kind and compassionate. They went out of their way to help us… we were very impressed and it was such a great comfort to us! We hope and pray that God will protect and bless you all for the wonderful work that you are doing.


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13 November 2013

Dear Blue Security Management, I would like to extend my thanks and gratitude to Blue Security.

Firstly to the Control Centre, who did not waste time with unnecessary questions when I reported (on two occasions) an intruder on my property – the first call being at midnight, on 10/11/13. I thank “Blessing” for attending this first call out and cannot blame him for not finding the intruder in the dense shrubbery of my garden. I went around with him myself. We could not have imagined that the intruder was still on the premises and was to later hide in my outside toilet… The Control Centre once again expedited assistance with no fuss, when I reported at 09.39 am next morning that the “uninvited midnight visitor” was still on my property. (By luck, I had been able to lock the intruder in the servants quarters toilet..)

My thanks are extended to Jabulani Vilakazi and his Supervisor, Suren Kishwarlal, (and another Blue Guard who attended and who’s name I did not obtain) who answered my second call for assistance on Sunday morning. Only when they were on site did I begin to realise my “situation” was finally under control. They apprehended the intruder in a professional manner, were considerate to my emotional state – and I further appreciate they stayed with me throughout the SAP taking of statement.

Suren was kind enough to stay on afterwards and offer advise as to how the security of my property could be improved. I realise mine was a relatively simple case compared to the awful, violent situations Blue Guards are witness to, every day. I take my hat off to all your staff, for the difficult and life threatening duties they must perform in their every day work situation.


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Mrs R Govender
25 October 2013

Hi. We are privileged to have chosen Blue Security for the last 10 odd years. To date I am satisfied.

Staff which includes Roanne are warm, tolerant, polite and friendly, most importantly they treat a call or query with urgency. To me that’s tops! Shaun Gopaul amazed me when he sent staff member Robin Govender to resolve an issue immediately. There’s no bull when it comes to dealing with his (Shaun) customers, he handled my query so professionally.

Robin Govender and his team not only resolved the problem in a jiffy but he (Robin) gave me an insight of their company and its values. Well done for that, you are indeed passionate about customer service.! What team spirit! Which is rare these days, undoubtedly shines within your organization! Thank you all for walking that extra mile… and with a smile! Please managers escalate to the relevant staff mentioned.

Much much appreciated and thank you again.


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Toby Loubser
30 September 2013

To the Managing Director. Dear Sir, I would like to take the opportunity to inform you that I became part of the statistics last week Friday morning, when my new Audi A6 was hi-jacked at gun point. The incident happened in Pinetown when two blacks walked up to me and put a 9mm pistol in my face. The second one who was carrying a sawn off shot gun got behind the wheel of my car and they both fled. The vehicle was later recover by the SAPS and Netstar in the Davenport Centre. The main reason I am writing to you is to bring to your attention the high level of professionalism in which your staff have handled the situation.

On the day, it was a matter of seconds when the first vehicle arrived on the scene, followed by several others. Every Blue Security officer without exception came up to me and spoke to me in a professional and sympathetic manner. I must apologize for not remembering any of their names to thank them personally by name, but I was highly traumatized and still is. What is even more commendable and highly appreciated, is the aftercare I got from several of your staff members. I have received several phone calls from various people over the weekend asking about my welfare and offering me their personal assistance going forward.

I always thought Blue Security is just a Security Company, but believe me, it’s a lot more than just that. It’s a company who employs highly skilled and professional people who cares when there is a crises. I would like to take the opportunity to thank each and every Blue Security staff member who was active in this event on Friday, as well as those people who have taken the time to phone me over the weekend. Thank you all so much. May Blue Security grow from strength to strength and may God bless and protect you all working out there in this dangerous country we live in.


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Dee Ash
27 September 2013

Dear Mr Botha, further to our telephonic conversation this morning, I would like to place on record how impressed we were with our visit with Brandon Gray on Monday evening and his subsequent follow up today.

We were a little concerned with the absence of patrol vehicles in our area and on calling Blue Security, they arranged for Brandon to come to visit us to have a chat with us. I have to commend him on how polite, neat and well spoken he was, as well as assuring us of the presence of vehicles at the service stations near to us, and said that he would ensure that patrols would take place as my vehicle was broken into a few nights before. We also asked if we could have some more Blue Security signboards placed as ours were taken off the wall together with our brass name plate on the wall. This morning he came to follow up if the sign boards had been placed and to find out if all was well at the house. This action was really appreciated.

Would you please inform Brandon that we were very impressed with his service as well as his wonderful manner and perhaps circulate this email to whomever is in charge after yourself or perhaps place it in a “brag-mag” should you see fit. Crime takes away so much joy from people’s lives and you guys are the ones out there protecting our homes and families so a very big thank you for that. Keep up the great work.


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Claire Demmer
26 September 2013

I work at a pub part time in Westville known as Chiltern sports club. Last night when cashing up I heard guys on the roof of the building this was about 10.30pm. I phoned Blue Security to ask them to send a guard around as I was scared and unsure. I waited inside until a blue security van arrived. I walked to him he asked if I was Claire and what was wrong. He told me to get into my car and lock the doors and wait until he got back to check what was going on. He was so pleasant and helpful and very concerned about me.

He then came back to my car and told me he climbed on the roof and checked all around the building the guys seemed to have gone. He told me he was on night duty and would do his rounds and make sure the building was safe.

It’s not very often that people compliment the guys on their good work. He was so friendly caring and concerned. I asked him his name he told me he is known as Braveman “told me easy for me to remember” but employed as Kumbalani “if I have the spelling right.” So well done to Braveman for his quick response and his caring and friendly nature.


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Shirley van Rensburg
13 September 2013

On behalf of my husband, Andy van Rensburg and myself I would like to THANK Blue Security Staff for excellent service. I am so PLEASED we decided to register with BLUE SECURITY for protection!! In 5 days I have dealt with several of your staff members and only have praise for them. All very professional, helpful, polite and very patient with a 65yr old!

The technician Armstrong undertook installing the alarm into the house on Saturday 7 September and explained everything. He was very patient having to repeat everything a few times, as we have never had an alarm before. To Armstrong – thank you!

The alarm was put in on Saturday but we only “armed” it on Sunday evening for the 1st time. It went off at 2.30am. The control room (gentleman) called immediately and again was VERY patient as they told me what to do. Within minutes Siphso from the Armed Response arrived. What a pleasant man who calmed me down as there was no burglary. Checked the garden and reassured me Blue Security is always only a few minutes away at any given time!! So impressed!

Well, the alarm went off AGAIN 1am the following evening. Once again Control Room (lady) was so quick in calling me and so nice. Siphso again arrived within a few minutes – couldn’t believe the response time. He checked again and suggested it was probably the dog as there was no wind. He reported it to the technicians who came yesterday afternoon and they think the problem is that we have an ordinary sensor and not a pet sensor.

I have only got accolades for the staff I have mentioned – what caring people. I am so impressed. A BIG THANK YOU and not forgetting Merine who has always kept in touch with me right from the beginning through email, sms and by telephone, after Krishnee organised the Installation.


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Trueman Zwane
6 September 2013

Dear Blue Security’s Customer Service, I just want to express my gratitude towards the service excellence I have received from one of your managers, Technical Manager Mr Meckan Naicker. He paid me a visit yesterday on 4th September 2013 at my place with his two technicians after I had problems of excessive alarms in the past. He has been everything I would expect to see in a manager from a big company like Blue Security. He has demonstrated to me that he has both Blue Security and the client’s interests at heart.

We spent a descent time expressing my frustrations from previous communication with various people within Blue. He, has in fact, listened, make suggestions and we reached a common ground. Thanks to him for restoring my confidence in Blue Security and thanks to Blue Security for having him.

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Cynthia Daye via Hello Peter
2 September 2013

Last Friday my gran (88 years old) was alone in my home when an intruder got in. She struggled with the man and managed to get away and get to the panic button which she pushed. Blue Security was there within minutes and stayed with my Gran until I reached home.

The night manager phoned that night to make sure everything was ok and informed me that he had organised visibility patrols to run for the next few nights around my home. The next day there was a further follow up call and an offer of counselling for my gran. Thank-you very much to all of you for keeping my gran safe and going that extra mile to make sure that we were all ok. Your staff are friendly and compassionate as well as very efficient and I really, really appreciate it.


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Pam Shuttleworth
21 August 2013

Thank you to Blue Security for their excellent service and giving me some peace of mind, that there is someone who will respond to an emergency, as I am based in Mozambique and cannot be with my family all the time.

In particular I need to mention Clive Peters who came out to our home a couple of weeks ago and worked until late into the night to finish re-wiring our system after burglars cut every wire. He was willing to stay late and then still tidied up and cleaned up the work areas before he left. My family have only good things to say about him. Also a thank you to the team who were willing to install the new beams on a Saturday and again to Clive who came out yesterday to replace the faulty back-up unit / batteries. Please keep up the good work.


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Andre Beley
15 August 2013

Thank you for looking after my mom on Wednesday evening. She was waiting outside my gate waiting for us and the security guard refused to leave her despite my mom saying she is fine. Well done! My parents are currently with another security company and plan to change to Blue.

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Natalie Pooley
14 August 2013

I would just like to comment on the service that I received from Radip. It was quite refreshing to meet someone who is very passionate about his job. It really was a pleasure having to deal with him as he was very professional and explained the system to me time and time again with a smile, while taking time to find out about of area and also a few health tips for my son.

Normally people that work on a Saturday just want to do what’s required and they seem to forget that they are in someone’s home and therefore neglects the customer service experience. Being a new client of Blue I would highly recommend your company to others just based on the first hand customer experience that Radip gave us on Saturday. I would like to ask that you ensure that this mail reaches the powers within your company as I feel having such a passionate and great man representing Blue should not go unnoticed.

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Jonathan Moore
8 August 2013

Hi Henk, thought I’d let you know about something that happened last night in Westriding Road that involved your response teams.

At about 9.30pm, Lester from the Westriding community watch and I decided to meet and swap details, so we decided outside Jeans Playglen would be a good place. Ok so I got there a little early and parked my vehicle in the parking area and not being one to sit in a stationary car alone, I decided to get out and walk around while waiting for Lester. A few cars passed while I was there to which I didn’t take much notice however Lester arrived and had just got out his car when not one but four Blue response vehicles came from different directions and converged on my “suspicious” vehicle.

One of the passing vehicles had seen me and pushed their cellphone panic about a suspicious vehicle. The response officers all got out their vehicles and where very professional and of course saw the humorous side to it and we all had a good laugh when Lester explained that I was a new member on the Community watch. The guys hung around for a few minutes and chatted about things that had happened that evening and then went about their way.

Henk, I have to say, I am very impressed not only by the professionalism of your guys, but also the swift response and teamwork they showed. The community doesn’t quite realise the commitment involved by the response guys and sadly only see it when problems occur. Well done to your team again.

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Commendation for Blue’s reaction officers
8 August 2013

On Monday afternoon I arrived back from work around 4.45 to find that my front door was ajar and on taking closer inspection I discovered that the door had been badly damaged in an attempt to gain entrance to my property I rent.

Fortunately the security gate was still locked and I am not sure whether I had disturbed the thief when I returned home from work or if the next door neighbour’s ADT alarm had disturbed them. I believe according to my neighbour whilst he was at work in a meeting ADT security had phoned him at 4.20 to say his alarm had gone off.

The thief had tried there either first or after I cannot say. I know that it is one person as on my first attempt it was one person and the Blue Security guard that answered my panic button call pointed out to me boot foot prints in the sand that were not of Blue’s Security pattern. Sadly I remembered the pattern and I saw again the same foot prints in the sand but this time clearly down at the bottom of the garden where he has obviously come up from the river. My door was so badly damaged I was not going to be able to lock it and I was in such a bad traumatized state of what I should do.

When Blue Security arrived there was a guard by the name of Braveman who walked the premises and checked everything, I told him I needed the police to come so my landlady could make an insurance claim. He left and then came back with another guard by the name of Greg Fredrickes. I wanted to ask you to please acknowledge their superb service, they not only temporarily fixed my door (mainly Greg) that I could at least lock it, but made me feel as secure as I could possibly feel in my traumatized state and assured me that they would patrol the premises – which they did I was awake the whole night and heard and saw their torch light which was a comfort each time they were on the patrol, (mainly Braveman). Wish I could ask for it all the time as it seems while at work again this thief has been back observing from the other side now, no attempt again to get in as yet.

My most sincere and grateful thanks go two members of your staff Greg and Braveman. I would appreciate you acknowledging this and them. Thanks.

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Gary B
7 August 2013

I would like to both thank and commend your team at Blue for outstanding service and request that you pass this along down the line to the necessary people on your side. We stay in a complex in Gillitts and this morning at around 01:30 we had an attempted housebreaking at our unit, where two suspects attempted to gain entry into the unit. Having been through an armed robbery at our previous residence last year November, we knew what steps to take and put these into action.

Instructed my wife to contact Blue and take the children into the “safe room” while I went out to distract the suspects to prevent them from getting into the house. (Normally I would not recommend this course of action, but I am extremely well trained and a 13 year veteran of the SAPS). The operator at Blue was extremely professional, kept my wife on the line while constantly communicating with her and informing her of progress of the response vehicles. During this time it was necessary for me to use my firearm while engaging with the suspects but was out of sight of my wife, who when hearing the gunshots became very upset fearing for my safety and the operator kept her calm and reassured during this time.

What really impressed me is that just prior to the arrival of the response officers the operator asked for a description of my clothing so that they could distinguish me from the suspects, which is the professional type of attention to detail that is seldom encountered these days.

Within 3 to 4 minutes of the original call, around 6 response vehicles were at our door searching for the suspects who had fled on foot by this time. The response officers first made sure that we were safe and secure and then proceeded to search the entire complex and once sure that all was clear, they committed to keeping a vehicle close by and parked at the gate to ensure that we remained safe for the rest of the evening.

Words cannot do justice to describe the professionalism displayed by these response officers and their actions during the process of securing and searching the scene and I would like to extend my deep felt thanks and appreciation to all concerned at Blue.

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Marc Thomson
2 August 2013

Dear Blue Security Team, my family and I are in the process of relocating from Johannesburg to Durban. Uprooting ones family after 40 years is quite a challenging, daunting and very exciting experience and opportunity. A little bit of bitter but a lot of sweet… We feel it is definitely worth of mention for the really excellent service we have received from Ronel over the past few days in trying to bed down the future security for my family at our new home in Warner Beach.

We have received the greatest care, compassion and professional support in arranging our security requirements and smooth secure transition into our new home while securing our Assets too.

Just a sincere word of thanks for the world class and friendly service that Ronel from Blue Security services has extended to us. We really appreciate the most wonderful way Blue Security treat us as new customers. Something really special indeed! We are so looking forward to being long standing existing customers with a strong and robust relationship. Many thanks for helping us to tick one of the key boxes when Relocating / moving into a new home.

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Frans Gerber via Hello Peter
1 August 2013

About a month ago our electric roller gate was broken when we had an attempted break-in. The gate couldn’t open or close anymore. With our street being the target of criminals for the last month and a man being stabbed to death right in front of our gate, armed house robberies, hijackings etc. (Entombeni Drive, Amanzimtoti), I was terribly worried about the safety of my family.

It took about a week for the gate to be fixed after insurance was sorted out, parts received etc. I phoned Blue Security each night and asked them to do extra patrols past our house when possible. Blue did just that, together with the CCPO, and even parked in our driveway at times when not patrolling, I was told by my neighbours – who leave for work very early in the morning. Blue and the CCPO went the extra mile and I want to thank them both – I was very impressed with the extra effort they put in.

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Barry and Lindsay Pieters
29 July 2013

We recently had an intruder smash and kick his way into our house at night. A passer by phoned Blue Security and within seconds the Blue Security response person patrolling our area was at our gate. We would like to say a big Thank You to him for the way he handled the situation. He is a true professional. He gave us the feeling of security that everything was under control and stayed with us until his Area Supervisor arrived, along with Brighton Beach Police. They only left us after SAPS had taken a signed statement from us and they had made sure that we were going to be okay for that evening.

We had Blue Security patrols driving past our house that night and when we saw the car lights go past, we felt safe and secure. Many thanks guys. We would also like to thank the Blue Security team that installed the additional security items that was suggested. The team came to the house as arranged, worked hard and left the house and garden spotlessly clean.

Selwin and his team are to be congratulated on their work skills and most importantly for their very good customer care attitude. They went through the security routines with us until we felt comfortable with everything and at no time did we feel they wanted to rush the job and get home. When we waved them goodbye last night it was great knowing that we may look like Fort Knox but we would now be aware of any potential intruders. Please forward our sincere thanks to everyone involved. It was a pleasure dealing with a professional company like Blue Security.

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Grant Dekker
19 July 2013

A word of thanks and appreciation to Blue Security and their response units. Your response time at 3H30 this morning was incredible…. by my calculations probably less than 5 minutes.

The officers were diligent, professional and passionate about their jobs. They are to be commended. It’s a pity I didn’t get their names as everything was still an adrenaline fueled haze. It was a massive relief seeing the response units came raring into our street….. and then leaving one unit to assess the safety while the other went off in the direction of the suspects….. just a pity they weren’t caught… thank you very much Blue Security…. maybe next time we can nab them.

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Agnes and Malcolm MacDonald
18 July 2013

Good afternoon. To Lt Brandon Gray and Edward Kheswa we would like to extend our sincere gratefulness for their alertness and quick response in arresting the culprit responsible for the break-in to our property while we were out this morning. We praise you highly for a job WELL DONE! Thank you so much from the bottom of our hearts. We are very fortunate to have people like yourselves to help us in situations like this. Many, many thanks.

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Sotheby’s International Realty, Kloof
17 July 2013

Dear Blue Security, we at Sotheby’s wish to thank you very much for the excellent service on Friday 5th July at our open house. We requested a vehicle and we received a call from your offices to let us know that this was possible. It is with great pleasure that we send this email to you to tell you that your excellent service does not go unnoticed. Thanking you once again – Keep up the excellent work you are doing!

Mandy Thompson

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Ryan White
16 July 2013

Just a short note to thank Patrick for his excellent service and attitude toward helping his community.

From the first phone call when we spoke, right the way though to yesterday when he physically hopped in the vehicle and introduced me to Terry, I have felt that he has gone out of his way to understand our specific situation and sincerely appreciate it. Good service in South Africa is hard to find but great service is nearly impossible to find/experience… Thank you for the sponsored radio, we appreciate it and will be using it on a regular basis carrying out patrols. Many thanks again, keep well and we’ll stay in touch.

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Mahendra Naicker
15 July 2013

I would like to extend a thank you to Kenny (response unit) and Andrew (supervisor) with their assistance provided to initially my wife and then myself through our breaking in at our residence in Berea West, Westville on the 5 July 2013.

They acted very professionally and were excellent. Andrew even accompanied me to the police station and assisted me in having the police come out to my home to take a statement as they did not respond when they were notified initially. To both these gentlemen, I say a big thank you from my wife and myself.

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Veronica Dundee
3 July 2013

I would like to say a big thank you to Blue Security (we are members) who went out of their way on Sunday night. On the N2 just past Nandi Drive at about 19h30 my vehicle broke down and we had to pull off to the side under a foot bridge. Rajesh was traveling on the opposite side. He turned around and waited for the towing company to arrive. He advised us that it is not a very safe place where we had stopped.

We stay on the Bluff and my son, Sean Dundee, came to collect myself and my daughter. But Rajesh stayed until the tow loaded my BMW with my husband. You don’t realize how bad it could have been if we were on our own. A big thank you to Blue Security and Rajesh. God Bless you for all the good you do. Once again thank you. Rajesh waited with us for approximately one hour.

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Nicola Willmott
1 July 2013

Thank you so much to Vishnu for going out of his way to help me today. My baby girl, who is turning 1 next week, managed to lock herself in our spare bedroom and I was unable to get her out. I phoned my Mom to ask her to get me a locksmith and I phoned Blue Security to see if they could help. The control room were also fantastic because they said they’d get someone to me asap.

A few minutes later Vishnu arrived and after some time managed to get the key out of the door so we could use another key to unlock it … at which time the locksmith arrived! I am so grateful to Vishnu because this is definitely not part of his daily duties but he was very happy to help, and still put my door handle back on and made sure it was working again properly. There is not a chance that I would ever change from Blue Security.

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Louise d’Hotman de Villiers
1 July 2013

I would like to let you know about the exemplary service provided by one of your armed response team, Daniel. I am visiting my mother in Gillitts from Australia. Prior to leaving South Africa we were loyal customers of Blue Security for many years, going back to Enforce days. My husband left a few years before myself and children and I was always secure in the knowledge Blue was there helping keep us safe in our home. My mother is becoming increasingly vulnerable and is exceedingly anxious.

On Thursday evening there was an attempted break in in the duplex next door to my mother. As you can imagine this was very unpleasant and frightening. Daniel was the responder. He noticed that I was anxiously peering through the curtains not knowing what was happening. Despite his workload he took the time and trouble to come to the door to tell us what was happening. This was a reassurance in its self.

He spent time on the premises and kept us informed. He reassured us and certainly allowed me to get some sleep that night. Daniel went the extra mile. He is an asset to your organisation and you are fortunate to have such a dedicated employee. Daniel represents Blue Security with total professionalism which should make you proud. Thank you Daniel and Blue Security for giving me some peace of mind, knowing my Mother is in your care when I feel so helpless being thousands of kilometres away.

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Gillian Hunter
1 July 2013

Hi Alain. I would like to thank you most sincerely for all you have done for us. Blue Security should be proud to have you as one of their security consultants for your professional approach toward the client. In your quiet but friendly way you are there for the client offering the right advice, answering their numerous questions with patience and decorum, never pushing the products for your own gain but rather for what the client wants and needs.

You don’t keep the client waiting very long for their quote and when there is a query or anything you are always quick to respond and are there for your client no matter what. I have dealt with you a few times and you give Blue Security a good name and I would recommend the company to everyone because of the wonderful service I have received from Blue Security on all levels. I would also like to take this opportunity to compliment both Jabu and Brendan who were the two gentlemen who came to do our installation. I use the word gentlemen because they were just that.

They were polite, friendly in a respectful manner, took care when working around one’s furniture and things and were professional in the way they went about their work, allowing the client to ask questions or make suggestions without making the client feel as though she was getting in their way, and, if she was, they never showed it. They were patient, kind and replied with a polite smile. I was happy to have them doing the installation in my home and they too did Blue Security proud.

Well, as you can see, I am extremely happy to be a client of Blue Security who are professional on all levels as I said before and I feel their is no security company that can beat them. Once again Alain, thank you for your wonderful service and support and I wish you all the very best for your future years with Blue Security.

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Niel Speres
28 June 2013

I just had to relate my story to you.

I am a Blue Security customer in Durban North. This morning I forgot my gym bag on top of the roof of my car and unbeknown to me drove off from home to work with it on top. During the course of the morning I got a call from the Kings Park Virgin Active (where I am a member) to say they have a gentlemen from Blue Security there with my gym bag. Turns out that your Mr Derrick Thompson had stopped and picked up my bag in the middle of the road in Durban North and on investigating found only my gym card as any hope of identification and tracking me (the owner) down.

He took it upon himself to drive to Kings Park branch and handed in my card for identification and discovered my contact details. As you can understand I was quite shocked to get the call and then embarrassed as to my forgetfulness but overjoyed as to the fact that there are still honest people in this world. Not only has Derrick restored my faith in humanity but is a special person to be employed in the Blue security team. He went beyond the call of duty, is an honest person and must be an asset to blue security.

I have been a customer of Blue Security for nearly 8 years and am proud to display your armed response board on the wall of my house and Derricks actions have proved that your company is employing the right people. Thank you Derrick I sincerely appreciate your honesty and going the extra mile in a time when clearly this rarely exists anymore. On the lighter side I had no excuse and had to go to gym tonight to collect my bag and was too guilty to leave without having a session. So indirectly Derrick also forced me to go to gym today. A reward will be dropped off for Derrick during next week.

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Shenaaz Khan
28 June 2013

I take this opportunity once again to compliment you, your staff and the management on grooming a SUPERB Team!!

It is really satisfying to know, if the alarm triggers, as I put down the phone, the response team is almost at my door, FANTASTIC turn around times, WELL DONE. It was also interesting to note that you have a Manager on duty at night, and on completing a survey you have a member of staff to thank the client, this is SERVICE at an EXTRA ORDINARY LEVEL!!! I was employed with large corporate for many years, I can assure, they did not match your service levels or turn around times.

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René Grant
24 June 2013

I would like to extend my sincerest thanks to Shaun who manned the phone on Friday night. Our neighbours had a robbery in progress at 6.30ish Friday night when I heard her calling to me for help. I immediately hit my panic button and phoned Blue call centre and spoke to Shaun who assured me help is on the way. Being in a frantic state, Shaun was professional and so re-assuring and took all the details in the most calming manner.

Blue arrived within minutes and went to the assistance of my neighbour even though they are not Blue clients. They then returned to do a check in my property to ensure that the criminals where not hiding in my yard. They were great! I thank you so much!

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Sally Ann Baylis
20 June 2013

I would like to take this opportunity to commend Blue Security from a customer service point of view. All my queries have been dealt with promptly and efficiently and the personnel that I have had the pleasure of dealing with have represented Blue Security in both a professional and an accommodating manner that management can be proud of. It appears that the response time of the ground staff is as impressive as that of the armed response teams on the road. I will most definitely rest easier at night knowing that they have my back.

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Samantha Shallcross & Grant Jerome
12 June 2013

I just wanted to put in writing how thankful we are for Sheldon’s assistance on Sunday evening. We had a 4 hour standoff with 3 criminals in our neighbourhood watch. After looking for them for the first hour and a half we could find no trace of them and called everyone off. Sheldon was posted at his post at Cato Circle and within minutes we had a call from him to say he had seen movement in the same bush area in Kloof Falls Road from his post. He called in the K9 unit and positioned them where he had seen the movement.

Sheldon stayed at his post thereby securing the bottom exit point in Kloof Falls. Had it not been for Sheldon’s initiative not only would we not have known they were still in the area, but we would not have had the special added assistance of the K9 unit who managed to apprehend one of the suspects. Thank you to you and your team for all the support our CPF and neighbourhood watches receive, and we look forward to strengthening our relationship and becoming a Blue Zone!

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11 June 2013

On Thursday morning 06/06/13 at approximately 1:30am, my children and myself were in an armed robbery. Our cell phones were stolen so there was no way to phone the police and report the incident. I drove to the garage but unfortunately they were unable to get hold of the police, I left the garage and on the way back home I passed a Blue Security vehicle. I stopped next to him and requested that he phoned the police to come to our address as we had just been broken into. He immediately contacted the Control centre and I left to go back home. Much to my surprise and absolute gratitude he arrived at my premises and walked around the house, then went back to his vehicle where he waited for the police to arrive.

I was not linked to any security company and he was under no obligation to offer such a humane act, he certainly gave us peace of mind whilst we were waiting for the police to arrive. From the bottom of my heart I would like to thank him and hope that my message reaches him, it is due to his actions that I am now installing an alarm system in my house and it is with Blue Security.

I have been dealing with Vivienne Emmanuel, who came to see me on the Thursday and we had a contract signed by Friday. I will be getting the installation done tomorrow even though there was a 10 day waiting list, this I can thank her as I am sure she requested it as emergency. She has been very professional and efficient and I wish to thank her for all she has done for me.

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Kate Fellows-Smith
11 June 2013

I just want to say thank you so much for the help I received today from a Blue Security employee. In Underwood Road I found a stray dog that was in a bad condition. I drove around trying to find it. Once pulling over and on my way to get the dog he was hit by a taxi but had not died. I got the vet from down the road to put him down but was left in a total state after what happened. An amazing Blue Security guard stopped to check if I was ok having seen me alone on the side of the road in my car.

He sat with me as I was very upset and was so empathetic about what had happened. He calmed me down and also made sure I was safe while dealing with the situation. At the time I didn’t think to get his name which I regret. I wish to just make you aware as well as thank you for such amazing service today. I have sent Brad Nathanson a message that has been posted about how helpful one of your employees were as well as how he went the extra mile. When I am in my own house Blue will be my only choice!!!

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LT – Glenwood
10 June 2013

A very agile cat burglar, with help of an accomplice, climbed onto the roof and by swinging from the DSTV aerial and awning bracket managed to get through a partly opened window to an upstairs bedroom. With great stealth he came down the stairs and took my cell phone off the charger less than 3m from my sleeping husband and my laptop and purse from the desk while I was watching TV in the next room. I surprised him in the bathroom and quickly locked myself in my bedroom. He then escaped through the same upstairs window, jumped from the kitchen roof (5m) and took off over the garden fences with the loot in a bag and Blue and SAPS in a frantic chase.

There were signs throughout the house of where he had rearranged things in his search for valuables. Unfortunately for him our house is mainly filled with books which are value to us. I want to commend the prompt response of Blue Security, especially Ryan who chased the intruder and used his superior detective skills to find and recover my laptop and purse with cards still intact from our neighbour’s garden. I am so grateful that the laptop was recovered as I could have lost some very important work related information. I gave him a big hug at the time but please record my thanks through your company channels too. Thank you for your concern and follow up calls. It has eased the shock of experiencing an intruder in our home. From all accounts, this slippery pair has been active in the area for a long time but no-one seems to be able to apprehend them. We hope that they are caught soon. Thankfully no-one was hurt but we had a huge shock and must revisit our security set up.

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Selina Coetzee
29 May 2013

Hi Blue, today I pushed the mobile panic on my phone by accident (was coming out of an exam) and I just wanna give a big thanks for responding so quickly, not only did they try and contact me, but my partner as well. Big up Blue.

When I called Blue to apologize they were quite receiving, and I thought I responded quickly to the accidental push… Blue was of course quicker and that’s why they are the best! You know you can count on Blue in an emergency! Thanks Blue!

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Andre Naude
29 May 2013

I would just like to complement your reaction team in Westriding for their excellent and professional service they have delivered to us.

I am away for work frequently. On a few occasions the last time I was away, our alarm went off and the reaction guys were on scene quickly. They also met my wife at the gate on another occasion and escorted her inside. I have peace of mind while away with Blue patrols in our area. Please pass on a big THANK YOU to these men who patrol our area. I am really grateful to have them looking after my family and they are a true asset to Blue.

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Mrs Khan
29 May 2013

I am writing this letter as a humble note of appreciation for the excellent service provided by your technical staff, namely Anesh and Sameer. The professional, polite and respectful manner in which they carried out their task was appreciable. They answered all my queries, and there were many, in a polite and helpful manner. You should feel proud to have these fine young men as part of your staff.

The way you have trained your staff and the competent manner in which they carry out their duties is commendable. Once again, thank you for the good service and I wish these two young men success in your company. I am proud to be associated with a company that has such exemplary resources at their disposal in the likes of Anesh and Sameer. Well Done.

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Cobus Becker via Hello Peter
16 May 2013

On Friday evening, 10 May 2013 at approximately 7.30pm, we were at home having dinner, when we were accosted and robbed at gunpoint by 5 armed robbers. We were beaten, tied up, and had our home turned upside down by these robbers. After they left, we managed to untie ourselves and press our panic button. Literally within seconds we had a response from the call centre. Once we advised them of what had transpired, three Blue Security vehicles arrived within minutes.

I think they must’ve broken some world record for response time! I just thought I would commend your staff, especially Pravin, Nathan and Vee, for their quick response and assistance at the scene. Their attitude was far better than what we received from Umbilo SAPS members who turned the whole incident into a fiasco and laughed and giggled like two school girls.

These three members should be commended for their positive attitude and their eagerness to assist us. They even let me use their phone to speak to their control room and to Tracker. I think they can teach some members in the SAPS how to treat people in incidents like these.

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Sharon Bessenger
25 April 2013

My praise goes out to Mr Vincent Marunga. Every morning when I leave home with my grandson I park on the verge to close and lock the driveway gates. Mr Marunga is in his vehicle and asks me if everything is fine and whether I have any problems. He then waits for me to get into my vehicle and makes sure that I am safe and once I have left he drives off.

I am not a member of Blue Security but appreciate the concern this man has for the community. Thumbs up to Vincent, well done. Just knowing that there are people like you out there puts us at ease. I have been a victim of a smash and grab and an attempted hijacking in the past month so I am unfortunately still a bit scared but this guy has made me feel safe again.

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George Tyrteos
23 April 2013

I would like to bring to your attention, the quality and efficiency of the services, that I have just received from Sashi Gangaram in your accounts department. There was a need to query an accounting order to satisfy my insurance company. This necessitated inserting a date on a previous statement and have it sent back to me so that I could complete my insurance claim. As a very large Security Company you must have a considerable number of clients with an equally considerable amount of work handled by your accounts department.

It would not be unreasonable to expect a query such as mine, to be dealt with in “due course” when its turn came on a day’s work load. Instead, during my telephonic conversation with Sashi I gave her details that were on my computer screen, and BEFORE I was able to put my phone down, her answer to my request appeared on my screen. THAT IS SERVICE.

Whilst writing, it must also be told, that on occasion, that I have rung ‘Blue’ for various reasons, very often the phone does not even finish ringing, when it is answered. For this the ladies at the “coal face” also need complimenting. With the recent crime wave in our area, it is very comforting to see the increased number of “Blue” patrol vans “showing the flag”. Thank you all from a very happy and satisfied customer.

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Roland Reddy
19 April 2013

The service I received was absolutely excellent! The technician Aveekair and his colleague were well mannered, well spoken and did a neat and tidy job. Much Appreciated.

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Grant Buttigieg
19 April 2013

I recently had a break-in at my home and have had security upgrades done to my premises. I wish to thank all your staff that I have interacted with, in this process. Their service and willingness to please and make sure the job was completed properly was exemplary. It is not often in this country that one receives service like I experienced from your staff. If I may be so bold as to name each staff member (please note your Control Room and office support staff are not included but have also been exemplary: Kershan, sales consultant: When Kershan came to my house to see what upgrades would be appropriate he summed up exactly what I needed and made all the appropriate recommendations.

When the new upgrades were installed, I had a couple of minor issues with the keypad, which Kershan tirelessly made every effort to help me rectify, even until 8pm at night. He did not rest until I was completely satisfied and the alarm was in full working order. Thank you Kershan for all your efforts. Virgil, the installation Technician: Initially the conduit to my gate sensors was installed in an unsuitable area of my garden. But this was more due to my fussiness, than to any error on Virgil’s part.

Virgil returned at the weekend to remove and reposition the conduit to exactly to where I required and made every effort to ensure that I was completely satisfied. Going beyond the call of duty, he repeatedly followed up his visits a day or so later to double check that everything was working and that I was happy. That kind of service needs to be commended. Thank you Virgil for your patience, diligence and willingness to please, even in the face of a fussy customer.

Mzwake, a reaction officers in my area: Mzwake is the Officer that responded to my break-in on the 4 April. Firstly, he was at my premises within 4 minutes – outstanding! Although the thieves were quicker, that is still an amazing reaction time. Subsequently, almost without fail Mzwake will now check to see if everything is okay at my home, when he is patrolling in my road. He always stops to speak to me if he sees me in the garden. And when I mentioned to him that my neighbor might have footage of the robbery, he asked me to print out pictures of the vehicle, and robbers so he could distribute to other officers. He is courteous without fail and always helpful, even to the point of chasing my escape artist dog home when he saw her down the road. Thank you Mzwake for everything you do and adding to my family’s sense of safety. You need to be commended for your efforts.

I must add, regarding the other Reaction officers – virtually without fail, all the Officers that service my area that I have come into direct contact with are excellent examples of good service and diligence. Thank you all.

I have to say, that I can be a rather fussy, and at times difficult customer, expecting good service for the money I pay. I expect jobs to be completed exactly as I require, and will not stand for anything less. On this occasion all your staff need to be roundly applauded, and commended for their patience, diligence and courtesy. They have all gone beyond the call of duty to ensure my family’s added safety.
Well done to all you guys on an excellent service, and I will continue to recommend your services to others.

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Bhaya Singh
19 April 2013

On 9 April I was doing my regular duties at the multi cultural centre when I noticed a gentlemen from next door, an elderly man who asked me to please help as there were two suspects breaking into the temple. I alerted the reaction officer Malcolm Moodley who was on the premises at the time (at the multi cultural centre) and he then called for a backup officer, Naren Singh and they apprehended the suspects.

Your staff Naren, Selvyn and Malcom really go out of their way to assist residents. To say thank you is an understatement as these men are our heroes and we feel safe when they are around. Thank you Men in blue (our heroes).

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Tanusha Raniga
15 April 2013

On behalf of my husband Dinesh and children I would like to express our appreciation to your security armed response personnel, Jabulani for his professional efficiency. He alerted us at 2:15am that our garage door was broken and stayed with us until 4:15am to ensure our safety. This was a nerve-wracking experience as the main garage to our property on Vause Road is the main entrance to our home.

I heard a loud bang at 2:00am on the 10th of April 2013 when the incident occurred and was scared to investigate not knowing what to do. At 2:10am I saw your security patrol car outside our garage and did not know whether Jabulani scared off the intruders as he then buzzed at 2:15am to alert us. My husband had to keep watch from 4:15am until 6am until we got a security guard to watch over the property for the day until the garage door was repaired.

I shudder to think about what would have happened if Jabulani had not been patrolling our road at that time. The high crime rate in Berea especially Vause/Musgrave and Essenwood roads has made us live in fear constantly. We truly appreciate Blue Security for your care and compassion and efficient security patrols and response to our need. We hope that we can always count on you for safety and security in future.

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Dawn Williams
9 April 2013

I am so very grateful for the support that I am given by Blue Security. Not only is their presence around my area so highly visible, but active as well. I am always reminded if my gate is left open, as I don’t have an automatic closing device, and this occurs about once a week. Their constant movement in and around Memorial Park, where I walk my dogs daily, is of great comfort.

Last night my gardener returned home only to inform me that he had had his cellphone and gate key stolen. As I explained on the phone I live alone most of the time and my gardener, who has worked for me for over 20 years, is well known in the area. I was therefore fearful of intruders. I phoned Blue just to ask them to keep an eye open as I was nervous. I then went up to the gate to wrap a chain around it but had no lock, so I was just going to make it look secure. Blue arrived and asked me, by name, if all was all right. I was so impressed.

Furthermore, the officer told me not to worry as he would handcuff my gate in order to allay my fears. I went back inside feeling so safe that I cried! Ridiculous, I know. This is more than anyone would expect from a security company. I am so grateful to Blue and their friendly, supportive and truly involved officers. I don’t have to say “keep up the good work” because you are so clearly on track!

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Lesmarie Williams
2 April 2013

I would like to send you a compliment about one of your armed response officers, Vernodh, who called at our house when we were out in response to an alarm activation.

When we got home we saw that he had taken the time to refill our dogs water bowl while he was here. This kind of service and going above and beyond the call of duty shows that there are special people who care about their jobs and about the homes they call on. I do hope that you pass on this compliment to Vernodh and keep in mind that he has taken the time to help those he calls on! My dogs did have water at the back of the house (in case anyone thinks we are bad parents!) but he took the time to refill the bowl at the back door which was very special in my eyes!

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Connie Groenewald
25 March 2013

I would like to thank you for the excellent service that both I and my family have received after a break in at our house on the 15 March.

The armed response was quick and effective and the operator professional and helpful. Please thank them for me. Even the after service and checking on us was very encouraging. The conduct of the employees overall, has really gone a long way to instill trust in your company.

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Richard Barker
25 March 2013

The purpose of this email is to convey my thanks and appreciation to two of your officers Calvin Naidoo and Suren Kishwarlal. I own the Engen Service Station (Heritage Motors) in Hillcrest and last night at about 9pm, we had a shoplifting incident where two of my staff followed on foot, and he probably would have escaped had it not been for the assistance of Calvin.

Calvin gave chase in his vehicle and stopped the taxis in which the suspect was riding and brought him back to the Service Station. The police were called and Calvin, together with one of my staff members, issued them with a statement and the suspect was taken away by the police. Your officers were very professional in the way they conducted themselves, and are a credit to your company. Calvin did not hesitate in giving chase despite the dangers. This country certainly needs more Calvins around. I certainly am most grateful for his efforts.

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Brad Phillips
22 March 2013

I want to compliment Blue on the great service I received from your technical team during the last week.

On Thursday evening, my alarm was damaged during a storm. I contacted Clive on Friday morning to request assistance in having the system restored before the weekend. After chatting to Clive and explaining what I found, it seemed obvious that the system would have to be replaced as it was an old system no longer in production. Within a short while, I received a quote for the replacement system from Lourens and a technical team was dispatched.

Marlan and Akash arrived on site and following a brief assessment, we agreed to replace the system. The replacement task was made more difficult due to a faulty keypad, which resulted in the job taking longer than originally anticipated. Despite the fact that Marlan knew he was likely to miss his lift due to working late, he continued in a professional manner and completed the job before leaving the premises.

Marlan returned on Monday to install the final keypad and reprogram the system, which now appears to be working well. The visit was followed, on Wednesday, by an SMS from Marlan to confirm whether all was in order with the system. This sort of excellent service is what we have become accustomed to from Blue over the years and helps to cement the strong relationship which exists between Blue and our community.

Well done to the team at Blue for an excellent job done.

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Claire Turner
19 March 2013

We were unfortunately a victim to a house-breaking on Friday the 15th of March 2013. You never know how good your security company is, until that day comes when you need them. I have been approached by other security companies to move over and the costs were substantially cheaper, but we have always had such good service from your reaction team, so we pushed the idea a side. Then Friday night’s incident occurred and we got to experience Blue Security’s service. We were very impressed!

Due to the stress on the night in question, I did not get the reaction officer’s name or the other gentleman that arrived a few minutes later. Your team took control of the situation and remained on the scene until a security guard was posted at our premises for the night, which was arranged by your team, and the police had arrived.

We were further assured that patrols would be arranged throughout the night in our area. Please thank your team for the excellent assistance and a job well done. I also received a follow up call this morning to find out if everything was okay and if we needed any further assistance.I indicated that I required a technical team to come out and within a few minutes all was arranged. Due to the excellent service, I will continue to recommend Blue security. Many thanks.

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Monica de Witt
18 March 2013

I would like to mention a special thanks to Joe Gumede as well as Philani Meleka for their excellent service on Wednesday morning. We have been plagued by petty break-ins into our garden shed, which the burglar used as a supermarket. We notified Blue of this on Tuesday and they came around. On Wednesday morning we noticed that the shed had again been broken into. While Joe was assisting my husband, Philani arrived and as he was getting out of the car, he noticed a suspect person running from the neighbour’s yard. He set after the burglar and caught him. The man put up a fierce fight but luckily Joe was at hand to assist.

In no time they had the guy under control and recovered some of the stolen items. The guys were awesome! Thanks so much to them for putting their lives on the line for us.

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Brett and Sheena Parkin
13 March 2013

We would like to thank the Blue Security Armed Response men who responded to our panic alarm on 20 February 2013 at 7.15pm.

On our return home, we found our front driveway gates open and our car, which was parked in our driveway, stolen. Three Armed Response vehicles arrived. They inspected our property to confirm all was clear. The control room also contacted the SAPS who arrived about an hour later. After ensuring our safety, two armed response men left, while the third stayed until about 9pm as we had to disconnect our driveway gate and motor. He helped and ensured that we were kept safe while outside in the dark. Thank you for your efficient service.

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Ray Edwards
12 March 2013

I have a home in the Krantzkloof Falls Estate in Kloof and have been a client of your company from the time we built the home in 2002. We fortunately have had no reason to press panic buttons until Friday last week when my wife, alone at home, fell through our decking, which is some meters above the ground. I was called by a neighbour and arrived home to find her with her knee lodged between the slats of the deck, one of which had given way and her a little hysterical and in a lot of pain. I pressed the “A” button on the alarm board and grabbed a chain saw to attempt to cut her free. Within approximately five minutes your officers arrived, just as she was freed and was starting to relax a little.

Your officers offered help and ensured my premises were locked as I was getting her into the car and followed me down my road on the way to Hillcrest Hospital. A long story, but with no bones broken or ligaments damaged we are all relieved and my wife is home recovering. I want to compliment your officers and your company in general for the prompt response and professionalism and to thank them for the help I received when I needed it most.

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Shelley Scheepers
12 March 2013

This morning on March 9 our garage was robbed and specific items were stolen. As we are new to the area we didn’t have the Amanzimoti police station number on our cellphone yet. I phoned Blue Security and spoke to a gentleman in the office who reassured me and told me a vehicle was on the way and that he was going to call the police.

I was so impressed. Luvo arrived at the house and what a star. He was calm and stayed with us until the police arrived. He asked if there was anything we needed and told us he was going to increase patrols on our road, as the house opposite us had also been robbed. Luvo, thank you for your kindness and compassion. You were calm which kept everyone else calm. Bless you. You’re a star! I’m so pleased I belong to Blue Security and won’t hesitate to tell everyone about your brilliant service!

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Shaun Weir
7 March 2013

I have been very impressed with the service and response time of Blue Security, and just wanted to pass a compliment on to all those who perform the thank less jobs that keep us safe.

There was an incident at our new neighbour’s residence a week ago, and since then I have been a little on edge. Last night I attempted to bypass a zone, with no joy and the alarm was activated. I chatted with a lady named Tracy who was very helpful. Within minutes there was a reaction unit around, and the issue was resolved. The lady in the control room talked me through the process, and all was sorted. The service level was exactly the same the week before when the incident happened. Well done. Thank You.

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Angus Morrison
18 February 2013

We experienced an attempted break-in to one of the units the early hours of Thursday morning. We are VERY impressed with the excellent response service by all your officers – their assistance and follow through and interaction with SAPS. Very pleased to have received such excellent service! Thank you to Blue Security and your excellent officers.

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Vanessa Wenlock
18 February 2013

I just want to say THANK YOU for the help Blue Security gave me on the weekend.

On Saturday I locked myself out of my home, on the off chance I called Blue to ask them to source a locksmith (I spoke to Leon) who said he would find one and come back to me (he constantly updated me) then he came back to say that the locksmith was going to charge me R750.00 for a call out fee – which I promptly declined. He immediately said do not worry he was sending the armed response round to my house to see if they could help me. Rajendrakumar (Sunil) Manilall came round and he helped me open my back door. It was an extremely hot day and he never moaned or complained and he explored all options and finally he managed to open the back door – I would like you to convey my deepest gratitude to him and for his patience with me.

I have been with Blue Security for a long time and I always recommend them due to the great service but I will definitely recommend them after this incident. Once again thanks so much.

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Peter van Broekhuizen
18 February 2013

It is a pleasure to be protected by BLUE SECURITY. Every person in your company that I have had anything to do with has been polite, friendly and very helpful including Candice Young and Rita Deoraj. I would like to mention two people in particular. NATASHA GOVENDER has been an ANGEL in disguise. From the time my electricity went off on Sunday 10th February 2013 to when it was restored on Wednesday 13th February 2013 Natasha has been in constant contact with me 777. Natasha has phoned me on a regular basis up dating and advising me of the situation.

Natasha was instrumental on equipping me with a cellphone speed dial for emergencies. CLIVE SAMUELS has been extremely helpful in organizing the best installation team headed up by Charles Moodley who is an absolute perfectionist. Clive has given me invaluable advice for which I am grateful for. I always heard good reports about BLUE SECURITY but I will certainly recommend anyone to your good selves especially when you have people that are as conscientious as NATASHA GOVENDER.

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1 February 2013

A compliment posted on Hello Peter. I have a very busy office and prefer to work later in the evening after everyone has gone home. As my business is in an industrial area I take my safety after hours quite seriously. I have from time to time asked Blue Security to escort me out of my workshop while I lock up in the dark. I have always had immediate and efficient service from the call center and thoroughly remarkable guards assist me.

I would in particular like to compliment Siswe who came in the other evening, turned all my lights off and helped me lock up, he even followed me all the way to the large intersection. He was so friendly and so helpful. If I ever wanted a personal guard he would be the guy I would want! Blue Security has taken the extra time to train their people in great customer service. Well done!!

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Geraldine Blake
15 January 2013

I would like to commend your staff on the phenomenal service that we have received in the short time that we were members. From the technician who showed us how the keypad etc works, to the patrol men, to the phenomenal ladies and gentleman on the phone in a crisis situation. Amazing work, good job, it has given us such peace of mind that you are just a phone call away or one press of the panic button and immediate action.

When we had intruders crossing our garden after having robbed 2 houses down, it took 5 minutes from the time we pushed the panic button to the time the patrol men were in our garden – what brave men your patrol men are! And the telephone operator, who I am embarrassed to say I did not ask her name, kept calm and made us feel that everything was going to be just fine and stayed with us until she knew that we were safe! You guys offer such an invaluable service – keep up the good work and your professionalism as I assure you it does not go unnoticed and saves & protects lives.

Thank you for everything you have done for us and we are terribly sorry to be leaving but we are moving to a complex with security access therefore no longer require armed response! We will be sure to recommend you to everyone we know and should we require armed response again, you will be the first company we contact!

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Jim Wichstrom
3 December 2012

With 42 years emergency service experience with Durban harbour and City Fire Department, 10 years of which I spent in the training branch where one of my duties was to audit responses by emergency agencies, I feel qualified to make the following comment regarding a response to my home at about 23h35 on 13 Nov 2012: A passive sensor in our dining room triggered a repeated signal. The Blue Security call centre contacted my cel number a minute later, which my wife answered.

She advised the call centre of the repeated signal which was interpreted to indicate intruders. The call centre, apparently, immediately initiated an armed response, the call centre operator remaining on the line, gathering further complete salient information, and exerting a calming influence on my wife who was in a state of panic. Within 5 minutes a combined response by Blue Security and SAPS was on scene and rapidly deployed, securing a perimeter, and entering the house through the main bedroom patio door, which the call centre had advised was the optimum entry point; the main bedroom is reinforced as previously advised by Blue Security and SAPS as a refuge room against intruders.

A rapid search determined that no intruder was present and that the passive was probably actuated repeatedly by some phenomenon such as a gecko, in addition it is reported by the neighbour that further responding resources deployed in the street outside the gate. This was a superlative response from both the call centre and the responders, and I offer my congratulations to both SAPS and Blue Security. Having been disarmed by recent legislation I once again feel confidence in my safety and well being as a result of this appropriate and timely action.

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Susan Murphy
3 December 2012

I would just like to praise our Blue Car Patrol Driver, this morning my gate buzzer rang and it was the Blue Driver asking me if I had a new gardener and if his name was… I said I did and he then asked me to come to the gate & make sure. This is so encouraging that these guys are so on the button and checking out who should and shouldn’t be in the area.

My new gardener was a little upset (understandably) that he had been confronted, but when I explained to him how things work he calmed down. I phoned the driver and thanked him, but maybe you could pass this on to his superiors and let them know that these guys are doing a great job.

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Piet Strydom
5 November 2012

We would like to send a heartfelt thanks to Blue Security and the Umbilo Police who came to our assistance during an attempted armed robbery on Fri 21 September in Carrington Heights. We pressed our panic button and as usual Blue security phoned immediately and then dispatched their security patrol who arrived within 2 minutes along with their supervisor. Blue security also contacted Umbilo police who arrived shortly after. The dog unit was also despatched promptly.

Their efficiency and dedication is highly commended and appreciated! A couple of hours later, a fingerprinting officer arrived and then at 8am the next morning an SAPS Inspector came and offered counselling should we require any. Counselling was likewise offered by Blue Security. In situations like this it is comforting to know that there are dedicated teams that are so willing to come to our assistance so promptly. Thank you so much!

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