ANPR Number Plate Recognition Cameras

Creating safer communities with ANPR camera technology.

Blue Security’s ANPR cameras (Automated Number Plate Recognition) provide a smart crime fighting solution for preventative policing in residential suburbs, housing estates, commercial hubs and on busy public roads.

These high technology, smart cameras read the number plates of vehicles driving through a designated area and automatically references it to a database of case registered vehicles, flagging any cars that would’ve been reported as stolen, hijacked or wanted. If confirmed positive, the system instantly circulates a high alert notification to the police, security companies and neighbourhood watch role players participating in the project. The seamless speed of the process enables law enforcement officers to swiftly respond to the scene supported by Blue Security and neighbourhood watches.

Erecting ANPR cameras in an area also increases policing visibility and the general safety and security for everyone working, living and commuting through the district. Residents, business owners, motorists and pedestrians benefit from this additional layer of security that acts as a strong barrier against criminals who usually rely on stolen or wanted vehicles to perpetrate their crimes.

The cameras enable law enforcement officers to take quick action against suspects and solve serious crimes more quickly, because they block the movement of criminals who can no longer travel carefree through a suburb undetected by the police.

ANPR cameras have proven to be a highly valuable crime fighting tool, leading to the arrest of dangerous, wanted criminals and the identification and recovery of hijacked and stolen vehicles, even after these vehicles have been sold to unsuspecting buyers.

Deploying these cameras adds another layer of security to a community, arms residents with yet one more tool for taking a proactive stance against crime and sends a strong message that criminal activity at our homes and places of work won’t be tolerated.

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ANPR Cameras

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