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Special Projects

The objective of our unique Community Orientated Policing Services (COPS) is to provide dedicated community security to neighbourhoods. COPS is aimed at minimising preventable crime and promoting closer community ties between the SAPS, neighbourhood watch groups and Blue Security.

Our COPS key strategic areas include:

  • Ensuring the safety and security of a community and its residents. We achieve this by assessing, developing and implementing tailor-made crime prevention and community security projects.
  • Creating a well-informed community. We achieve this by providing a platform for the collection and dissemination of relevant crime fighting information, aimed at instilling confidence within the community.
  • Creating a sustainable community. We achieve this by promoting community engagement and partnership building, aimed at developing a collective approach to community projects and the fostering of relationships.
  • Establishing a supported community. We achieve this by providing tools, expertise and tailored support aimed at instilling confidence and enhancing continued engagement.

We create Blue Zones through the implementation of a layered security approach within a predetermined dedicated footprint. This means using a combination of physical manpower, electronic systems, crime intelligence, and pro-active management services geared towards connecting, informing and empowering residents within the community.

Community security is not a one-size-fits-all venture. We first undertake a comprehensive consultative process before proposing a security solution. This ensures that security service options are tailored and aligned with any particular community’s unique requirements and strategies. As a result many communities adopt a phased approach, which may include 12 or 24 hour dedicated vehicle patrols, regular ad hoc vehicle patrols, bicycle or foot patrols, or a combination of services. Communities adopting this approach have enjoyed a significant reduction in contact and property crime.

Neighbourhood Watch, CPF and Community Support

Our Special Projects team strongly supports residents’ efforts to unite proactively in the fight against crime.

We take pride in supporting communities and put our huge pool of resources and extensive experience to work to assist them. Partnership is key to our offering, which includes community training, guidance, sponsorship of equipment, and area and vehicle signage. We work in partnership with existing and start-up neighbourhood watch groups, street patrol groups, and community policing forums (CPF’s).

Apart from establishing the practical needs of neighbourhood watch groups to assist with the donation of security paraphernalia such as vehicle decals, reflective vests and radios linked to our control centre, the team also plays a vital role in helping residents understand and navigate their role as voluntary patrollers working within the country’s criminal justice system.

The task of setting up and managing a neighbourhood watch group is made easier with the guidance and support of our Special Projects team.

About Community Security

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